Twisted gang of kids who tossed live puppies into fire arrested

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In the Indian city of Hyderabad, a group of teenagers, some thought to be no more than 14-years-old, shared a horrifying three minute video from their cellphone to social media of them throwing terrified puppies into a lit fire and then using sticks to prevent the helpless little ones from escaping, reports Humane Society International India. Puppy trying to escape

On Tuesday, eight teenagers were arrested for burning three live puppies in the Musheerabad area. The accused were seen in a video they circulated on social media. They carried the three puppies, no more than two months old,  by their hind legs to a graveyard and burned them alive under a pile of dried branches, sticks and jute sacks. The puppies were seen struggling to escape while the culprits pushed them back and laughed as they held the screaming little ones down into the burning fire with poles.

The heart wrenching cries from the puppies lasted for several minutes; tragically showing how the defenseless  pups suffered before succumbing to the horrendous torture.

The arrest was made after Shreya Paropkari, cruelty response manager for HSI/India, and Vasanthi Vadi of People for Animals Hyderabad, met with the commissioner of Hyderabad police and presented the video. Managing director, Nuggehalli Jayasimha has called for “swift and stern action for this inexplicable violence against defenseless puppies.” The teens are expected to appear before a judicial magistrate before being sent to the Juvenile Justice Board, however “Rs 50” was the penalty for animal cruelty in the year 1960 when the law was enacted. Today, however, the value of Rs 50 is negligible. (,75cents U.S. currency)  The Government of India has not  changed the fine or punishment in the last 55 years.

A recent movement called #NoMore50 campaign focuses on revising the penalties for animal cruelty to amounts relevant to this day and age. “It is a tragedy for this country that animal cruelty is not taken as seriously as it should be,” stated Jayasimha, reported the Indian Express.

Humane Society International activist Navamita Mukherjee said she was “shocked,” adding: “It is an indicator of serious anti-social behaviour, including criminal offenses and violence towards women and children.”

Pet Rescue Report has decided not to post the video. (Photo screenshot from HSI India)

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  1. There is not punishment that will ever be enough for this!. This is just heartbreaking. May these thugs rot in H*ll!

  2. I read the article again I should burn them m************ I can’t believe they’re going to get away what the f*** is this country in this world come to Jesus f****** Christ

  3. I remember when I used to be told that animal life was sacred in India. Apparently that’s another change since barbarians took over the place. This filth needs to be eradicated.

  4. if they could do that to animals what on earth would they do to a human they didnt like all of a sudden, they should be sent to wherever is the nearest place where the courts can put there foot down a lot harder and send them to jail for a long time where they live they will get off with a paltry sum and more or less revered by the nutters, they have to be punished severly, or they will carry on and do worse thats obvious evil beasts

    • God damnit I hate this. “What would they do to human” WHAT ABOUT THE PUPPIES THEY JUST BURNED ALIVE?! DO THEY HAVE NO MEANING?! ARE THEY NOT WORTHY OF JUSTICE?! I HATE… HATE YOUR MENTALITY. THATS WHY THE GOD DAMN LAWS NEVER CHANGE. Because somehow an animals life is viewed less valuable than a humans. Damnit I’m so tired of seeing that. They deserve to rot in prison for TORTURING ANIMALS, not because of what they “might” do to a human. They are human and look how they act. I’ll say it again, your mentality is exactly why the laws never change.

  5. these are sick sick teens what else have they done and didn’t get caught for, i can bet they have killed allready killed and tortured and it will get worse if they are left to there parents care,,since they dont seem to be tought

  6. Vile evil little cunts hope they all die an awful death, brunt alive in a house fire. They should be hanged, vile evil bullies, hate wish them nothing but hell on earth.

  7. Well These worthless EVIL VERMIN are ISIS INSPIRED : Execution should available for these NON-HUMAN Maggots !!! Nest it will be a child, children, or elders, IF left alive unaccountable!!!!

  8. I am so MUCH In agreement with Brian and the ethnic issue …. It is apparent to anyone watching the Riff-Raff who are 98% of the dog fighting breeders and instigators what THEY LOOK LIKE!!!! It’s the only type of “JOB” they have the ambition to DO along with their games of torture….. Their MOMMIE JUST PRETEND THY “GOOD GOD FEARING FOLK”!!!!!

  9. They are vile monsters, demons in human disguise, not children. They should face the same fate as these poor puppies. I do hope the society decides to get rid of this garbage.

  10. Burn these fucjen sick little bastards aluve. Hold them down with sticks. But just befire they die pull them out and let them live in agonizing pain from their burned bodues and faces. Dont give them any medical treatment. Sick pos. Wtf is our workd coming to that children are committing such horrific acts against helpless beings. Its beyond disgusting. Im so angry???

  11. Sick little bastards. The punishment for animal abuse in India and every where else really has to be stricter and more enforced. Seeing and reading things like this is why I had to get off all the groups on facebook and stop wating the videos on u-tube of all kinds of animal abuse as I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I know that it has to get put out there so people are aware of what’s going on, but I already know and makes me sick when I see and kinda of animal abuse and just wants me wanna do something to the person who does it. I hope someday, these kids and every other abuser gets whats coming to them.

  12. How disgusting and vile! I would like to see these filthy boys get their wieners burned off and then be eaten alive by hungry, homeless dogs.

    I think that’s exactly what they deserve for being so cruel and evil.


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