Emaciated dogs left to starve after owner abandons them during hurricane

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Investigators in Brevard County, Florida are searching for the owners of two emaciated dogs left to starve in a home in Grant Valkaria. According to the Facebook page of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, on Friday a concerned neighbor called authorities in reference to the apparently abandoned home.

When deputies arrived, they discovered a seriously emaciated and dehydrated dog. Sheriff Wayne Ivey wrote:

“Fearing for the safety of the animal, deputies recovered the endangered pet and immediately located another dog in similar condition. The dogs were left unattended in a confined and deplorable area without food, and only limited water that was in rusted and dirty containers,”

As the Sheriff’s Office Animal Cruelty investigator and Animal Enforcement officers determined, the owners intentionally abandoned and left the dogs to starve. Sheriff Ivey, a popularly known animal lover, is determined to help these dogs find justice:

“I am disgusted at how anyone can treat pets in this manner. To leave any animal in these conditions without the ability to survive is not only cruel, but unforgivable in my book,” Sheriff Ivey stated. “With the amount of loving citizens and resources available in Brevard County to help, there is NO reason this should have ever happened. I am extremely confident that between members of our team, the State Attorney’s Office, and our caring community we will identify, locate, arrest, and prosecute the monsters responsible for this criminal and evil act.”

The two dogs are both approximately one-year-old and have been taken to the BCSO Animal Care Center for immediate emergency treatment. While the conditions of the emaciated dogs are extremely critical, it is believed that both dogs will survive with medical attention, nourishment, and loving care by staff and volunteers. The goal is to help them recover so they can soon be adopted by a family that will actually love and treat them as they should have always been.

Anyone with information is asked to please contact Animal Services Specialist Doug Scragg of Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, Animal Services via the Sheriff’s Office Communications Center at (321) 633-7162, or CRIMELINE at 1-800- 423- TIPS (8477).

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(Photos via Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Facebook)


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  1. Thankfully the Sheriff is a DOG and Animal Lover!!!! otherwise they might have been immediately put down… I really don’t have a lot of TRUST in the State OF FLORIDA in the way they overlook, don’t charge individuals that do abuse and euthanize at a horrific rate in Miami Dade and other HIGH KILL SHELTERS I hope for the best for these guys…. AWSOME NEIGHBOR TO TAKE THE CONCERN TO HEART!!!!

    • I agree with you, Florida isn’t known for their compassion for suffering animals, I hope these two will be ok. I can’t fathom how someone leaves their home to evacuate and leaves their pets behind. If I must leave my dogs go with me or Iwon’t leave. It’s just shameful!

      • I don’t even call it Florida to me it is the RIFF-RAFF state of the Losers and illegals!!!! From what I have been told by several that have gone there children are treated much the same way as the animal’s in the shelter’s!!! Our country is in a sad state of affairs !!! To say the least!!! Now that beautiful Bull Dog who won’t have a chance either!!! In Miami Dade!!!

  2. These dogs have been suffering long before the hurricane. I hope to read soon their abusers are behind bars. Get ’em Sheriff Ivey!!!


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