Illinois man indicted for having sex with dogs

Man indicted for having sex with dogs
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A man in Peoria, Illinois, has been indicted for allegedly having sex with two of his dogs. According to Tuesday’s publication of the Daily Mail, 55-year-old Anthony Danner is accused of engaging in sexual acts with his pet dogs, Wolf and Velvet.

After a months long investigation by the Peoria Police Department, authorities determined that the two dogs, a husky and a malamute, were sexually abused between March 1 and 17.

According to the Peoria Journal Star, Danner is facing two Class 4 felony counts for the alleged sexual acts with his dogs and if convicted, he could be sentenced anywhere between one and three years in prison – he may also be ordered to relinquish custody of his dogs and ban him from living in a household where animals reside.

The alleged acts of bestiality landed Danner behind bars at the Peoria County Jail with bond set at $35,000.

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    • He NEEDS to be MINUS the complete Set + the Appendage attached … and as for the him may having to relinquish the dogs!!! GOOD GOD that should be a NO BRAINER for the Authorities to figure out!!!


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