Clever German shepherd pulls off great escape from animal shelter

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A very clever German shepherd named Ginger managed to escape from a California animal shelter after opening three different doors and waiting at the reception desk for service possibly?german-shepherd-escapes-2

According to the Apple Valley Animal Shelter, Ginger was just determined to win her freedom as she cleverly climbed over the top of her caged kennel and subsequently used her paws, nose and of course some German shepherd ingenuity to maneuver through three different doors.

On September 17, Ginger arrived at the shelter after she was sadly surrendered by her human who had become homeless and no longer could care for his dog. german-shepherd-escapes-3Gina Whiteside, the director of Apple Valley Animal Shelter stated multiple alarms had gone off indicating movement at the shelter. When Animal Control Officers arrived at the shelter, the report indicated the intruder had been moving through the building at a “fast rate of speed.” At the reception desk, officers noted that notebooks, pads and other objects had been scattered about the area and the floor, but suspected a cat had found her way out of a kennel.

By Sunday morning, Ginger was reported missing and to everyone’s chagrin a review of the surveillance video revealed the dog’s adventure. Ginger had apparently headed towards her old home, and when found on Tuesday, she was near where she used to live – about three miles from the shelter.german-shepherd-escapes-4

On the shelter’s Facebook page, Ginger’s intelligence continues to amaze everyone. She is still looking for a home. Please share this gorgeous dog’s story with friends, family and social media contacts.


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  1. Most people that have ever dealt with a German Shepherd are probably not surprised by this. I have often said mine are smarter than I am, and I know they understand most everything I say to them. I hope Ginger finds a loving home, it’s too bad there wasn’t some way her owner could have kept her. They are about as loyal a dog as you will find, and I know she misses her family.

  2. She loves her person. It is sad that homeless meant the dog should go to someone else when the dog would be happy anywhere her person is. It would be great if her person realized this before it is too late.

  3. Whomever decides to give her a home will have to be very careful to keep her safe in the yard. She looks determined to find her favorite person.

  4. They will have to zip line that she can be attached too. They will also need locks that she cant open like deadlocks so she cant escape.

  5. Oh my goodness! I lost my home and I had to find homes for my 4 gsds babies and I did find them homes. I would have never put them in a shelter. I’m looking at the pictures of these babies that were put in shelters and need homes and I wish that I could have them all. So sad ?


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