Denver Zoo asking supporters to help feed 3,000 inhabitants since Covid-19 pandemic

In Denver, the zoo accommodates more than 3,000 inhabitants with a variety of dining demands daily. At the Denver Zoo more than 450 species are hungry every day and depend on their caretakers for carefully … Read More

One-month-old baby elephant born at zoo died

A one-month-old baby elephant named Avi died on Sunday at the St. Louis Zoo after struggling with health problems. He was euthanized on Sunday and “passed away peacefully.”

According to the zoo’s press release, … Read More

Rare blue lobster finds solace in ‘Man Cave’ instead of dinner plate

A rare blue lobster scheduled to be the catch of the day at a seafood restaurant in Akron, Ohio is instead waiting out his quarantine period in so-called “Man Cave” tank at the Akron Zoo … Read More

Red panda missing from Columbus Zoo

At the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, a red panda last seen on Tuesday evening, is missing. Staff members have been searching the area in and around the dense vegetation throughout the zoo.

According to a … Read More

Alcohol addicted monkey who bit 250 people imprisoned for life in zoo

In New Delhi, an alcohol addicted monkey has been sentenced to life imprisonment in the Kanpur Zoo. The monkey had been going through alcohol withdrawal when it went on a mad spree – killing one … Read More

Drunk man climbed into Poland zoo enclosure tried to drown bear

A 23-year-old man has been charged with animal cruelty after he climbed into a bear enclosure at a zoo in Poland and wrestled with a bear trying to drown the animal.

According to the IndependentRead More

Government orders zoo to stop sending chimp on bike spraying disinfectant

After a video went viral on social media, featuring a chimpanzee wearing a surgical mask riding a bicycle and spraying disinfectant during the Covid-19 pandemic, the government in Bangkok intervened and demanded the zoo immediately … Read More

Zoo in Germany will slaughter animals to feed others amid coronavirus pandemic

A zoo director in northern Germany has stated some animals will be slaughtered soon in order to feed other animals because of the lack of funds amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The announcement comes a month … Read More

Privacy after Hong Kong panda zoo closed out natural mating occurred

After ten years, who would have thought the coronavirus pandemic would have given a pair of pandas in Hong Kong the privacy they needed to mate naturally? At Ocean Park Hong Kong, pandas Ying Ying … Read More

San Antonio Zoo’s oldest elephant celebrates her 60th birthday

On Sunday, San Antonio Zoo’s oldest elephant celebrated her 60th birthday; reaching an age more than ten years older than the average elephant.

And to celebrate the happy event, the zoo gave her a birthday … Read More