Dog rescued after she gets her head stuck in hole

In the San Martin area of Peru, a local stray Labrador retriever found herself in a rather precarious position while searching for food; oops – her head became stuck in a hole, reports the Daily Read More

19 cows die while trying to seek shelter from storm

In Hallsville, Texas, nearly two dozen cows who were trying to seek shelter during a violent storm were killed when a lightning bolt struck the tree that they were standing under. According to Monday’s KLTV Read More

Man accused of sexually assaulting miniature horse

Screenshot (976)

According to Monday’s press release from Pennyslvania’s Ephrata Police Department, a man is accused of having sex with a miniature horse. The man accused of the deviant activity has been identified as 21-year-old Travis … Read More

The shocking loss of over 300 reindeer in Norway

Over 300 reindeer were killed in a mountainous region of Norway on Friday. According to Sunday’s BNO News, the animals apparently were killed by a single lightning strike in Hardangervidda National Park, which is located … Read More

Dogs caught vandalizing Volkswagen for no known reason

A bizarre scene  caught on closed captioned television video played out in Murmansk, Russia recently when a car owner saw his Volkswagen Tiguan being vandalized, reports the Metro. dogs vandalize Volkswagen

At first, the car owner, Denis Makarovhad … Read More

Pet pig adopted from Craigslist and then tortured

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Someone re-homed their pet pig on Craigslist and the animal wound up with a Georgia woman who wanted the pig slaughtered for food. According to Friday’s publication of the Miami Herald, the pig did not … Read More

German shepherd saves his human companion moments before Italian earthquake struck

In Italy, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake completely destroyed historic towns and cities this week, reducing them to little more than concrete, sand and rubble. It wasn’t long before the 4.1 magnitude aftershock hit, accounting for … Read More

Texas couple’s dog killed over Hillary Clinton campaign sign in front of their home

A Richardson, Texas couple are mourning the loss of their dog who was allegedly poisoned to death after having ingested a deadly neurotoxin, reports CbsNewsMatt Steadman's dog

The death of Matt and Beth Steadman’s two-year-old shepherd … Read More

Crafty seal jumps onto tour boat to escape hungry orcas

A frightened little seal used some unusual ingenuity on Monday to escape from becoming a Monday morsel for killer whales off of Vancouver Island on Canada’s Pacific Coast.Seal escapes from killer whale

According to Fox13News, the feisty seal … Read More

Police seeking owner of dead dog found floating in pillow case in Lake Erie

A shocking and disturbing discovery of a dead dog found floating in Lake Erie  tied into a pillowcase has authorities asking the public for information as to the owner of the dog, reports the Simcoe Read More