Four-star Congo hotel accused of selling ‘smoked baby chimpanzee’ on menu

At the Beatrice Hotel in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the four-star hotel has been accused of serving “smoked baby chimpanzee” on their menu. The owner of the restaurant claims that the addition to the menu, serving the meat of a protected animal species, was an error.

According to The Times, the Conserve Congo, a conservation charity, claims the menu item, considered to be a delicacy, has been very popular among tourists and affluent local diners. On the menu, the illegal meat is called “bebe chimpanze fume” which translated means smoked baby chimpanzee. The babies are stolen or poached and sold as exotic pets while others are used for the expensive entree. The menu specifies a 24-hour notice for the meat to be served.

Chimpanzee meat is not illegal in the Democratic Republic of Congo, however the killing and trading is illegal. Conserve Congo director Adams Cassinga explains how locals believe consuming the animal flesh makes them more powerful. The menu item has also been very popular with Asian tourists.

The hotel’s owner alleges he was absent when the menus were printed, and when he heard about it, he ordered the menus destroyed and corrected.

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