Family cat accidentally euthanized by vet instead of being given rabies vaccine

In Houston, Texas, a family cat was accidentally euthanized during a routine visit to receive her rabies vaccine.  The cat’s owner, Michelle Olson brought her seven-year-old cat Sophie to the Suburbia North Animal Hospital; never expecting the tragic event.

“The appointment after our appointment there was a cat that was ill,” Michelle told Click2Houston News. It was diagnosed with feline aids and was to be euthanized. The syringe somehow was drawn early. It was just sitting there and did not have a label on it and when the doctor asked for the rabies vaccine for Sophie somebody handed her that syringe.”

When Michelle came back to get Sophie, the two had barely been out of the office when the vet’s office called asking Michelle to bring Sophie back to the office. As soon as they arrived, Sophie was rushed into the back room, administered oxygen and fluids and given epinephrine to increase her slowing heart. The cat was transferred to a specialty hospital, but died two days later.

The vet apologized, but the damage was already done. Sophie is gone.

A complaint has been filed with the Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners.

Rest in peace Sophie.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    “Somebody” needs to be held responsible for this travesty! I would be suing them for all they are worth, A mistake like this should NEVER be made!


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