South Korean President Moon Jae-in considers prohibiting dog meat consumption

South Korea Presidnet Moon Jae-in is considering banning the consumption of dog meat in the country. Most Koreans have never eaten dog meat, and the demand for it has decreased through the years amid a … Read More

Another lion lured out of protected Hwange National Park and killed with bow and arrow by American hunter

A lion has reportedly been killed by an American hunter after being lured out of the protected Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. If this all seems familiar, it is – in 2015 Cecil the lion … Read More

American dentist who killed Cecil the lion slaughters rare sheep in Mongolia

The American dentist from Minnesota is believed to be back to slaughtering animals for his trophy collection. Walter Palmer, 60, returned from another hunting trip in Mongolia  after killing an Altai argali – the largest … Read More

Donald Trump Jr auctioning week-long trophy ‘dream hunt’

At the annual Safari Club International (SCI) convention in Reno, Nevada, Donald Trump Jr is auctioning a “dream hunt” for a week-long Sitka black-tailed deer hunt in Alaska. The bidding for the yacht-based expedition stands … Read More

Horrifying photos of monkeys and dogs at German lab leads to shut down

At the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) in Mienenbuttel, Germany, horrifying videos and photos that went viral last year, has resulted in the shut down of the facilities. The German police initiated an investigation … Read More

Four-star Congo hotel accused of selling ‘smoked baby chimpanzee’ on menu

At the Beatrice Hotel in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the four-star hotel has been accused of serving “smoked baby chimpanzee” on their menu. The owner of the restaurant claims that … Read More

Donald Trump Jr reported to have killed endangered argali sheep in Mongolia

In the remote area of Central Asia, in Western Mongolia, the endangered argali sheep live. Best known for the curving horns which easily can span more than six-feet, the population of the rare animals continues … Read More

Endangered Sumatran orangutan found shot 24 times rescued

Only a few Sumatran orangutans remain alive on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. A large male was found late last week with 24 air-pellets in his body – including 16 lodged in his head.

According … Read More

Rescue attempts to save sheep after 14,000 fall into sea as ship capsizes

A cargo ship with 14,600 sheep capsized in the Black Sea off the coast of Romania. The Queen Hind, a transport ship for livestock overturned on Sunday shortly after leaving port en route to Saudi … Read More

Trump admin to let trophy hunter import rare black rhino parts to US

The Fish and Wildlife Services (WFS) have granted the approval to a trophy hunter from Michigan to import the remains of a rare black rhinoceros he killed in Africa. Environmental groups have criticized the approval, … Read More