Chinese city wants to ban dog meat consumptijon

South Korean President Moon Jae-in considers prohibiting dog meat consumption

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South Korea Presidnet Moon Jae-in is considering banning the consumption of dog meat in the country. Most Koreans have never eaten dog meat, and the demand for it has decreased through the years amid a storm of controversy within the country and around the world. More than 59% of South Koreans support banning dog meat.

According to the Washington Post, up to one million dogs are still slaughtered annually for human consumption in South Korea with roughly 3,000 dog farms still in operation. The Humane Society International, an animal rights groups, estimates 30 million dogs are killed each year on the continent, even though parts of China, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand have banned the practice.

In Monday’s meeting with the country’s prime minister, Mr. Moon questioned whether it was time to “prudently consider” a ban. The discussion began with new measures to protect abandoned animals in the country.

Nearly 27% of Koreans now have dogs as pets; in the United States nearly half the population have dogs in their homes.

Animal advocates welcomed Mr. Moon’s comments, and the subject is likely to intensify as the next presidential election gears up in the coming year. Several candidates have already raised the possibility of banning dog meat.

In 2018, President Moon, a known dog person who has advocated for better treatment of dogs in the past, didn’t end the dog meat trade after responding to a public petition citing dog meat had been the livelihood of dog restaurant owners.

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