Horrifying photos of monkeys and dogs at German lab leads to shut down

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At the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) in Mienenbuttel, Germany, horrifying videos and photos that went viral last year, has resulted in the shut down of the facilities. The German police initiated an investigation which showed monkeys strapped in chairs, monkeys screaming as well as dogs and cats bleeding in their kennel cages.

According to a press release by SOKO Tierschutz, the toxicology tests were carried out on beagles, monkeys, cats and rabbits that were poisoned to see how much the chemicals in their bodies could take before causing serious harm. Video showed monkeys screaming in pain as they were injected with syringes – all the time being strapped by their necks to chairs. Beagles were also subjected to similar testing causing excruciating pain, yet they craved human attention so badly, they still wagged their tails prior to the horrible experiments.

The animals suffered vomiting, fever, internal bleeding, respiratory distress, skin conditions, organ failure and death. None were even given pain relief. A witness reported rabbits and rats suffered in agony before dying.

“Dogs and cats are free. Now Hamburg and kiel is on the train. After the discovery of animal cruelty, manipulation in studies and the biggest protests in German animal welfare history, the state of lower saxony draws the final line. The pictures of bleeding dogs, cats in the garbage bag and violence against monkeys shocked people worldwide. The laboratory lost its operating permit today, the chief and responsible is considered unreliable. Remaining animals are handed over to animal welfare. ‘a unique process and a fantastic success of peaceful resistance to the cruel and senseless animal experiments'”, explains Friedrich Mülln of SOKO Tierschutz.

The testing was performed for companies all over the world.

So far 50 cats and many dogs have been rescued. Another 96 dogs will be rescued shortly. A total of 200 animals will be released. Sadly the rescue organizations were too late to save the monkeys; they were sold to a Dutch animal dealer. Two other animal experimental facilities are expected to be closed as well in Hamburg and Lohndorff.

“Germany needs a clear timetable for short-term exit from animal experiments. Animal testing is pointless, expensive, dangerous and cruel. So far, animal laboratories are only checked every few years, often with pre-registration and the controversial toxicity test does not even have to be checked or approved in individual cases.”

All of the animals will be sent to animal welfare groups to be treated for injuries and will be made available for adoption.

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