Sheriff’s deputy charged with recklessly causing the death of K-9 patrol dog

A sheriff’s deputy in Cache County, Utah has been charged with recklessly causing the death of his K-9 patrol dog after leaving him in an unattended patrol car. On Wednesday, the Cache County attorney’s office announced the charges against Deputy Jason Whittier, the dog’s handler.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, on July 3, Whittier parked his patrol truck at noon in the full sun at his home, and for most of the day, Endy suffered in that vehicle while his handler participated in family activities. When Whittier returned late that night, he saw Endy was not in his kennel and discovered the dog in the vehicle; Endy had died. Sheriff vehicles are equipped with safety features, however the vehicle must be running.

Temperatures on that day reached 95 degrees; a necropsy determined Endy died of heat stroke. Endy, an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois had been with the sheriff’s office for a year; he had previously served with the Logan Police Department and had been a law enforcement dog since 2010.

“This tragedy serves as a stark reminder to never leave children or animals alone inside of a car for any amount of time, as temperatures can quickly rise to a deadly level,” Cache County attorney office’s chief deputy Tony Baird stated in the news release.

Whittier, 36, faces aggravated animal cruelty charges – a class B misdemeanor. If found guilty, he could face a maximum penalty of $1,000 and up to six-months in jail. A court appearance is scheduled for August 28.

Rest in peace Endy. Your life ended too soon because of human error and allegedly not following protocol.

(Photo of Endy for sheriff’s deputy charged via Cache County Sheriff’s Department)

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Man evading arrest hits police dog in face with rock

In Kingman, Arizona, a man trying to evade arrest on Thursday is alleged to have hit a police dog with a rock breaking the animal’s teeth. Adam Benjamin Frankel, 33, was arrested on suspicion of three counts of animal cruelty, escape, criminal damage, felonies and disorderly conduct in relation to a domestic violence charge.

According to the Daily Miner, police arrived at a home where Frankel was accused of assaulting his 46-year-old aunt after kicking in her front door. The woman told authorities her nephew grabbed her and threw her to the ground.


Deputies had been interviewing the two women at the residence when Frankel was apprehended. He denied all charges, and as police were walking him to the squad car, Frankel took off and ran into the desert. A Department of Public Safety Ranger helicopter and an officer with his canine patrol assisted. When the dog and his handler located Frankel hiding in the brush, he again tried to run, but not before allegedly picking up a rock and hitting the dog in the mouth – causing the animal to suffer three broken teeth.

Frankel has been booked into the Mohave County jail. The K-9 was taken to a veterinarian for surgery. There is no word on the extent of the dog’s injuries, however his surgery has exceeded $8,000. There have been no updates on his condition.

(Photo of Frankel who allegedly hit police dog with rock from Mohave County Jail)

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Florida police dog found dead inside of parked patrol car

In Melbourne, Florida a police dog was found dead inside of a parked patrol car outside of the Brevard County Courthouse on Friday. The German shepherd, named Diesel was discovered about 7:30 in the evening; the patrol vehicle belonged to an officer from the Sebastian Police Department. On the department’s Facebook, the sad announcement stated:

“As many of you have heard we suffered a tragic loss of one of our beloved K-9’s on Friday April 28, 2017. The incident occurred in Melbourne Florida. The situation is being investigated by the Melbourne Police Department and when their investigation is over, an administrative investigation will occur here with the Sebastian Police Department. Our entire department is saddened by Diesel’s tragic death; please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. More information will be released when available.”

Authorities have not released any information as to how long Diesel had been left in the car, but the National Weather Service reported temperatures in the afternoon at 88 degrees. One can only imagine how hot the car’s interior temperature had climbed. Melbourne police and Brevard County Animal Control are also taking part in the investigation. Detectives suspect  the officer, who is known to leave his K-9 at home when going to court, forgot that the dog was in the SUV. The officer arrived at the courthouse on Friday at 11:00 a.m.

According to the Sebastian Daily, some of the police vehicles are equipped with alarms if the temperatures rise to a dangerous level, but the officer had the SUV turned off. Area residents who know the officer, say the he has two other dogs that are used as pets; one dog is retired, and the other had been injured while on-duty. As of this time, the officer’s name has been withheld pending the investigation. It has been reported he is “devastated” by Diesel’s death.

(Photos of police dog via Sebastian Police Department Facebook)

Rest in peace Diesel. We are sorry humans let you down.

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Indiana officer’s K-9 partner insists on kissing his partner during photo shoot

Indiana Conservation Officer Levi Knach and his faithful K-9 partner, Kenobi were scheduled to pose for an official photograph. It seems however Kenobi had thoughts of love and cuddles, but not before Indiana State Parks’ Facebook gave us a peek at what was to quickly go viral:Kenobi 2

“Indiana Conservation Officer Levi Knach and his K-9 partner Kenobi show some puppy love in their portrait ‘attempt.’ Officer Knach works in DNR Law Enforcement District 2. Kenobi is cute, but make no mistake – he is a trained, working officer and can track people and locate a variety of objects ranging from venison to ginseng. We are grateful for the work that our ICOs do all over the state to protect and serve people and to conserve our fish and wildlife resources.”

It’s not hard to imagine Officer Knach trying to keep a professional look, but hey … who could maintain any kind of stoicism with kisses and hugs like that? The four photos went viral courtesy of  Aww Subreddit on Reddit, where they received 53,000 “upvotes” and more than 400 “oh so adorable” comments. On the department’s Facebook page, nearly 3,000 viewers “liked” the photos. Check it out – you will too; they’re both very cute! Kenobi 3

On a serious note, Kenobi works with the department to track people as well as a variety of objects ranging from “venison to ginseng.” We are all proud of the officers – two legged and four legged and thank them all for their service protecting people and our wildlife resources.

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Police K9 died shortly after arrest

A police K9 with the Lake Forest Police Department in Minnesota, died shortly after assisting his handler in the arrest of a man who was “not compliant” during a traffic stop late Tuesday night. Word of the death of the German shepherd, named “Ranger,” was released to followers of the Lake Forest Police Department Facebook page early Wednesday.

The post reveals little about how or why the K9 died:

It is with heavy hearts we post that we lost one of our own this morning.

K9 Ranger passed away after assisting on a call late last night.

Please keep FLPD and Officer Kent and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

According to a Twin Cities report, Ranger helped arrest a non-compliant man who was refusing to follow police commands. Not long after the man was arrested, Ranger suffered some type of medical emergency. The dog was rushed to a veterinarian for care, but did not survive.

(photo via Forest Lake Police Department Facebook page)

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Shepherd thought a stray turns out to be Jimmy, an $11k lost police K9

If only dogs could talk, Jimmy, an extremely friendly one-year-old Dutch shepherd, would have a whopper of a tale to tell. The dog’s strange odyssey began earlier this month when animal advocate and photographer Pat Gregoire and her friend found the stray at their mutual workplace in City of Industry, an industrial suburb of Los Angeles located in the San Gabriel Valley region.Jimmy the German shepherd puppy 2

The Good Samaritan took the dog to a nearby veterinarian to check for a microchip. And there it was – in the dog’s ear, however there was no information available to confirm his identity or from where he came. After a brief conversation, Pat and her friend decided the best plan would be to transport the dog to Baldwin Park Animal Care.  The dog was in excellent health, had obviously been well cared for, and most likely he had escaped from his home. Surely someone would be searching for this gorgeous pup and would most likely be checking around at all of the local shelters.

Pat describes on her Facebook page Jimmy’s amazing journey from the beginning; it seems Jimmy was just different than most strays. This boy was as strong as an ox and gave his rescuers a true good-natured- albeit strong and stubborn challenge:

“She  said she’ll drive, but won’t drop him off, so I go along,” Pat recalls. “He’s a total nutcase in the car; destroyed her granddaughter’s new blanket and trying to keep him still, on leash, I didn’t know my arm could bend so many ways. We then drop him off at Baldwin Park.”

The dog was held for the required amount of time since he was chipped, but with no information, Jimmy soon became available for adoption. And now is when the story took a most unusual doggy twist. For ten days, he was on hold and no one came looking for him. Maureen Delaney, the founder of  local German shepherd rescue, Delaney’s Dog knew he was special as Dutch shepherds are quite rare, and sent his short video to her veterinarian who had a number of  contacts with the LAPD.  And no sooner had the veterinarian sent the photo and video of Jimmy, the LAPD officer recognized the dog.

Jimmy had arrived with 38 other dogs who were all candidates to be trained for the police department’s K9 division. Somehow Jimmy’s crate fell off the transport; fellow commuters were honking their horns as the dog’s crate toppled over, but by the time the canine transport was able to stop, Jimmy’s crate was broken and the dog long gone. For the next two days, officers searched for Jimmy, but with no luck.

“Here’s the fun part,” a truly amazed Pat reported. “LAPD had already paid $11,000 for this dog. He was flown from a breeder in Germany to Los Angeles Airport. Jimmy came over with other dogs, but while traveling from LAX to the Riverside training facility he got lost. He traveled from LAX to City of Industry (8 miles) on his own. Apparently his chip ID, as well as a tattoo inside his ear, matched the information on the dog purchased by the LAPD. They are beyond thrilled to have their dog back.”

No one from the LAPD has responded to the Pet Rescue Report so far – but we will keep on trying and follow up on Jimmy. For now we are all thrilled Jimmy has been reunited and proud of the rescuers who give so many stories happy endings.

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Photos and video of Jimmy courtesy of Pat Gregoire and Delaney’s Dog.

Check out his short video:



Fleeing suspect jumps into canal and tries to drown police dog

In Royal Palm Beach, Florida, an unidentified man faces multiple drug charges including battery on a canine and animal cruelty after he tried to drown a police dog while trying to escape from a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Officer after being pulled over on Monday night.  Spokeswoman for the PBCSO, Teri Barbera, stated a deputy stopped the man for speeding on Royal Palm Beach Boulevard. As the man pulled into the parking lot, he attempted to flee with his vehicle, striking the patrol car and then crashing into a curb.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the driver ran away and jumped into a nearby canal. Responding to the situation, the sheriff’s department helicopter and a K9 unit responded to the scene. A police dog jumped into the canal to apprehend the man, at which time the suspect tried to drown the dog. The man has been taken to the hospital and has been treated for hypothermia and other minor injuries.

The man also faces charges of possession of heroin, cocaine and marijuana with intent to sell, fleeing and eluding, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest without violence.

There has not been any update on the K9 officer as of this report. We will update as the story develops.

(Photo of scene where suspect tried to drown police dog via PhotoOps)

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Police canine shot in the face – shooter killed

According to ABC 7 News, a police canine who was shot in the face last week while trying to apprehend a suspect in Gary, Indiana, is going home. Blade, a six-year-old Dutch shepherd, suffered a broken jaw when the shooter, identified as 18-year-old Marquis Thomas, started firing at the dog and officer last Wednesday.

Thomas died on Thursday from his injuries when the officer who had been fired upon returned fire, reported the Chicago Tribune. On January 20, the Lake County K9 Association updated Facebook followers about the injured canine:

Blade is continuing to recover from the surgery on his jaw. Once again, Purdue University Lafayette has been outstanding in taking car of him. His jaw surgery went well. It was a complicated surgery and they did it well. He is a strong dog and has shown extreme resilience. He has started eating on his own again and we will see what tomorrow brings.

16174427_663059727201010_2417258114579745883_nOn January 21, a photo, of Blade going home, was posted to the page, along with an update:

Well, this picture should tell you something. It tells you Blade has been released from the hospital and is headed home. His working days are probably over, but he will always serve as my protector. Thank you everyone for standing by us…..Chris Vukin.

Blade, who worked with the department’s gang unit for four years, is being hailed a hero for his actions on the day of the shooting. It has been reported that he went for the shooter’s gun on the day of the incident and diverted the weapon from shooting the officer.

(Photos via Facebook)

Sergeant pens poignant good-bye to his K9 companion

On Saturday, the Massachusetts State Police shared a sergeant’s final good-bye to his K9 companion. The touching letter, written by Sgt. Erik F. Ramsland, is written for K9 Dozer, who was set free from his suffering, after a battle with cancer.

Ramsland wrote of “Dozer’s Last Ride,”

We regret to inform you of the passing of K-9 Dozer, partner of Sgt. Erik Ramsland.

K-9 Dozer was born in the Netherlands on April 14, 2004 and joined the Massachusetts State Police on June 9, 2006. Dozer completed NESPAC Basic Patrol School with K-9 Britt, Dakar, Nanuk, Frankie, and Tyco (Greenfield PD), which was taught by Lt Jerry Molet. Dozer went on to complete NESPAC narcotic detection school, taught by Sgt. Stephen Smith (ret). Upon graduation, Dozer took over for K-9 Wolf, allowing him to enjoy retirement.

Dozer had a long and productive career spanning over nine years, answering well over a thousand calls for service for the citizens of the Commonwealth. Dozer was a motivated and hard-working dog, who wanted nothing more than to work. Dozer located many illegal narcotics, wanted persons, lost adults, and missing children during his career.


The recount of Dozer’s accomplishments continued:

Dozer was a social dog and performed in many public demonstrations. Dozer was kind to children and adults alike, and seemed to enjoy the affection he received. Conversely, Dozer showed no hesitation, nor mercy, on those that chose to take the hard way, and he was forced to apprehend.

As Dozer grew older, his drive never slowed, but his body started to show his age. Long tracks were followed by slow starts in the morning. Jumping in and out of cruiser windows, got a little slower. In November of 2013, Dozer was joined by K-9 Vlk.

Dozer and Vlk got along great. They played together and worked together. After Vlk completed Patrol School, Dozer and Vlk worked together daily. Vlk did most of the patrol calls, and Dozer performed all of the narcotic calls. After Vlk completed narcotic detection school, Dozer and Vlk continued to work together. The younger Vlk had youth and enthusiasm at his side. Dozer however, had wisdom and experience to guide him. The two made a great team.

Dozer successfully recertified for patrol duties for one more year, and narcotic duties for two more years. Then, one day in the fall of 2015, Dozer decided not to go to work. He did not want to get into his cruiser. He chose to take his first day off in 9 years. Dozer never did a call after that day. He drove around in the cruiser a few times, going to court or to a meeting, which he enjoyed, but he decided it was time to retire.
Dozer spent his retirement trying to be a house dog. He moved from the kennel, to the garage, to the house. His days were spent bringing all the sticks and logs from the woods to the yard. Every stick. Every log. In between, he napped in the sun, or the shade, depending on the temperature. Often in the flower gardens. Nights were spent with his family. Dozer was always with his family, never alone.

With an explanation of the enemy this courageous dog was unable to defeat:

In the end, it was cancer. The dog that would never quit, would not quit. But now, it was a fight to live.
Dozers last ride in his cruiser was to the Veterinary Surgery Center of Sturbridge, where Dr. Paul McCarthy eased him of his suffering. Dozer passed away in his cruiser, with his family, and those that loved him. Dozer was brought home and laid to rest next to K-9 Wolf.
Play time my friend, you have earned it.

(Photos via Massachusetts State Police FB page)

Tragic revelation in death of police canine

A tragic revelation has been made following an investigation into the death of a a police canine in Florida. According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, K-9 “Forest,” who died on November 22 from a fatal gunshot wound, died from friendly fire.

On Thursday, the sheriff’s office explained how the canine was killed during a confrontation with the armed suspect, Eddie Powell:

There is no evidence at this time indicating that Powell fired his weapon. During the initial shooting on Nov. 22, two deputies fired their weapons as Powell punched and fought with K-9 Forest while pointing a gun at one of the deputies. It has been determined that Forest was tragically killed by friendly fire, sustaining two gunshot wounds during the incident. It is unknown at this time which deputy fired the rounds that struck the K-9.

The 34-year-old fugitive, who was wanted in Georgia, was also hit in the fray. The man was arrested the following day after a large-scale search, reported ABC News.

Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson released the following statement regarding the new information:

“Sadly, unintended consequences sometimes occur in shooting situations,” said Sheriff Johnson. “This doesn’t change the fact that Forest died a hero while trying to subdue a dangerous gunman. Our deputies were put into a deadly threat situation and were forced to defend themselves. As far as I’m concerned, Eddie Powell is responsible for the death of Forest just as surely as if he had pulled the trigger.”

A final memorial service for the fallen canine officer is being held on Friday.