70 police dogs and community honor K-9 Officer Bane’s memorial

Hundreds of police officers, community members and more than 70 police dogs gathered in the South Valley of Tulare, California on Wednesday to honor the life of K-9 Officer Bane with the Tulare Police Department. … Read More

Pointy ear dogs are scary: So says the TSA who are phasing out certain breeds

At airports across the nation, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will be phasing out pointy ear dogs such as German shepherds because they scare children.

In a statement to the Washington Examiner, TSA Administrator … Read More

Palm Beach County K9 officer killed at shooting at Wellington Mall

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department have confirmed two suspects are in custody after a shooting that left a Palm Beach County K9 officer dead outside of the Mall at Wellington Green.

According to CbsNews, … Read More

K9 Indi shot in face recovering after incident that left officer dead

A police K9 shot in the face during a traffic stop that left a Dekalb County police officer dead last week was released from Blue Pearl Veterinarian hospital on Saturday. The seven-year-old Belgian Malinois named … Read More

Retired K-9 partner dumped at shelter is adopted by his former trainer

A retired Jackson police K-9 partner in Jackson, Mississippi was recently dumped at an animal shelter. The sad story immediately went viral, but not to worry everyone; Ringo has been adopted by his former trainer.… Read More

Border patrol Beagle ‘Hardy’ makes roasted pig discovery at Atlanta airport

Job well done Hardy! A Beagle K9 detector officer working with United States Customs and Border Protection at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson International Airport made a tasty discovery late last week. That trusty Beagle’s nose sniffed … Read More

Teen charged with shooting and killing Jacksonville K9 officer

In Jacksonville, Florida, a 17-year-old teenager was arrested after he shot and killed Fang, a Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office K-9 while on a chase after a carjacking on Sunday. Jhamel Paskel has been charged with killing … Read More

Jacksonville K-9 shot and killed while pursuing carjacker

A Jacksonville K-9 officer was shot and killed on Sunday while pursuing an armed carjacker suspect in the city’s west side. K-9 Fang had been in pursuit of the male suspect when the man fired … Read More

Portage police K-9 officer killed Yorkie at local festival

In a heartbreaking tragedy, a Portage police K-9 officer attacked a small Yorkie on Saturday at a local festival. The Yorkie named Bandit, died as a result of his injuries.

Officer Flora Ryan and her … Read More

Riverhead K-9 officer killed in car chase pursuing DWI suspect

In Long Island, New York, a K-9 officer was killed in an accident on Sunday night while in the car of a Riverhead police officer during pursuit of an Audi sedan driver who struck another … Read More