Police Chief has special plan for K9 who was partnered with fallen officer

The police chief for the Modesto (California) Police Department has a special plan for the K9 who was partnered with fallen police officer, Sgt. Mike Pershall. According to the Sacramento Bee, if the city council gives their approval, Sgt. Pershall’s canine partner, “Ike,” will be sold to Pershall’s family for $1.

For all intents and purposes, the Belgian Malinois, who is valued at over $9000, will be given to Pershall’s family. Why? Because it’s the right thing to do. Modesto Police Chief Galen Carroll explained:

It is not a good deal for the police department to lose the dog, but there is also the human factor of, you have a wife and two kids who just lost their dad, and that’s the family dog. What is the right thing to do?”

Modesto Police Canine Association president and K9 handler Daniel Starr echoes Chief Carroll’s sentiment – believing that Ike should be with Pershall’s surviving family. On August 22, Sergeant Mike Pershall was killed by a suspected drunk driver who hit him while he was riding his bike.

On August 23, the Modesto Police Canine Association expressed grief over the loss of Sgt. Pershall:

Words can not truly express how devastated we are over the murder of Sgt. Michael Pershall. Mike was promoted from the K-9 unit to the rank of Sergeant just a few days ago. While off duty, Mike was riding his bicycle near his home, when he was struck and killed by a drunk driver.

Mike was a Modesto Police K-9 handler for over 3 years prior to being promoted to Sergeant. Mike was a true friend to all who met him.  He was a great Officer, handler and dad to K-9 Ike and everyone knew he was going to be a phenomenal supervisor.


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Police K9 dies unexpectedly while pursuing child abductors

A working K9 with Ohio’s Green Township Police Department died unexpectedly while pursuing suspects wanted for abducting a child. Dino, a seven-year-old German shepherd/Belgian malinois mix, was assisting his handler, Corporal Tony Leidenbor, just before midnight on September 25 when he suffered a “medical event” and collapsed to the ground.

In a Facebook post, the Department wrote:

Just after beginning a track for the suspect, Dino collapsed and stopped breathing. He was rushed to Grady Veterinary Hospital .

The veterinary professionals were unable to revive the K9.

According to the New York Post, the police had been in pursuit of armed “masked gunmen” who had stolen a woman’s money and a child before fleeing in an SUV. The men ditched the vehicle after being pursued by officers, leaving the abducted child behind – one suspected was arrested and three more are still being sought.

The Department commented on the impact of this unexpected loss of their K9 “family” member:

Dino has been with the department since 2011 and was very much a part of our police family. He had a reputation as an outstanding police canine and very much loved his work. He will be sorely missed.

(Image via Facebook)

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These deputies helped honor a K9 military hero

A K9 military working dog, who recently lost his battle with cancer, was laid to rest with the help of deputies in Bossier Parish, Louisiana. “Febe,” a retired Military Working Dog (MWD), was laid to rest at the Heavenly Acres for Pets – Pet Cemetery, in Elm Grove on Friday. Deputies with the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office escorted the military hero to his final resting place.

The 11-year-old German shepherd had retired from his duties on September 11, 2015. The working K9 served at Camp Victory in Baghdad with his handler, Tech. Sgt. Tommy Hollis, a Bomb Explosive Detector for the 2nd Security Forces at Barksdale Air Force Base.

“It was a privilege and a great honor to participate and lead this funeral processional for this war hero,” said Bossier Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Bearden.

(Photos by Dep. Jesse Bearden, Bossier Sheriff’s Office, and from the MWD FEBE Facebook page)

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Fort Lauderdale Police Tweet touching photo of K9

Hurricane Irma has wreaked havoc on much of Florida and the first responders who are dealing with both the preparation and the aftermath have been working round-the-clock. On Sunday, the Fort Lauderdale Police Department Tweeted a photo of an exhausted police K-9 taking a quick nap with his handler.

The Department hashtag for the poignant image, “

According to TODAY, the officer in the photo is Kenneth Somma and his K-9 partner is Eddie.

Florida is still dealing with Hurricane Irma – though downgraded to a tropical storm, flooding and widespread power outages are still being reported. The storm appears to be on track to head into Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and the Carolinas.

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Tragic ending for police department K9

There was a tragic ending for a police K9 who escaped from a kennel at his handler’s home in Lebanon, Indiana. According to the Lebanon Police Department, K9 Nico was killed by a car after he managed to escape from his kennel enclosure.

The dual-purpose K9 was trained to detect drugs, as well as help apprehend suspects. The Department wrote,
When Nico was not chasing after suspects and sniffing out drugs, he was at home with his handler and family.” They added, “Nico was social, caring, and even seemed to be able to sense when someone needed some extra attention. He will be missed.”

WishTV reported that Nico escaped from the outdoor enclosure at his handler’s home on Saturday – he died on Sunday. Nico had been partnered with LPD Officer Tommy Nash for nearly two years.

(Lebanon PD image)

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Ailing K9 honored in final ceremonial walk before being put down

A police K9 in Middletown, Connecticut, was honored in a final ceremonial walk before his handler was forced to put him down because of a terminal cancer diagnosis. On September 1, the Facebook page for the Middletown Police Department posted poignant images of the canine being saluted as his handler walked him to a veterinary hospital to be humanely euthanized.

Sgt. Doug Clark, Middletown K-9 Supervisor, wrote:

Officer Michael D’Aresta unfortunately has to make the toughest decision any K9 handler dreads making this evening at Pieper Olson in Middletown at 1830 hours.

K9 Hunter has been ill for that past several days and when tests were conducted they revealed that K9 Hunter has a very aggressive form of Liver cancer. They unfortunately recommended that he be euthanized.
Officer D’Aresta and Hunter have been an exceptional team serving the City of Middletown in a high caliber since 2007.

Adding the words that are were so painfully apparent to anyone viewing the photos:

So as you can imagine, this is extremely difficult for Mike and his family.

Rest easy K9 Hunter.

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Officer charged with animal cruelty after K9 died in patrol car

After a four-month long investigation, a Sebastian, Florida police officer has been charged with animal cruelty of his police K9, who died when left unattended in a police car parked in front of the Melbourne courthouse on April 28. On Wednesday, the Brevard-Seminole State Attorney’s office filed the charge first degree misdemeanor charge against Officer Eric Antosia, the dog’s handler.

The K9 officer named Diesel was “left unattended” stated the press release. According to the Sebastian Daily, Melbourne Police completed their investigation and turned all evidence over to the State Attorney’s Office who decided to prosecute Antosia. Authorities have not released information as to how long Diesel had been left in the car, but the National Weather Service reported temperatures in the afternoon that day at 88 degrees. One can only imagine how hot the car’s interior temperature had climbed. Detectives suspect  the officer, who is known to leave his K-9 at home when going to court, forgot that the dog was in the SUV. The officer arrived at the courthouse on Friday at 11:00 a.m. It wasn’t until that evening that Antosia called 911 about the death of Diesel.

The police vehicle Diesel was left in, is equipped with alarms and safety equipment to protect the dogs from heat. An investigation continues as to whether any of the equipment malfunctioned. The officer is currently on administrative leave without pay pending the outcome of the criminal case.

Rest in peace Diesel.

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Sheriff’s deputy charged with recklessly causing the death of K-9 patrol dog

A sheriff’s deputy in Cache County, Utah has been charged with recklessly causing the death of his K-9 patrol dog after leaving him in an unattended patrol car. On Wednesday, the Cache County attorney’s office announced the charges against Deputy Jason Whittier, the dog’s handler.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, on July 3, Whittier parked his patrol truck at noon in the full sun at his home, and for most of the day, Endy suffered in that vehicle while his handler participated in family activities. When Whittier returned late that night, he saw Endy was not in his kennel and discovered the dog in the vehicle; Endy had died. Sheriff vehicles are equipped with safety features, however the vehicle must be running.

Temperatures on that day reached 95 degrees; a necropsy determined Endy died of heat stroke. Endy, an eight-year-old Belgian Malinois had been with the sheriff’s office for a year; he had previously served with the Logan Police Department and had been a law enforcement dog since 2010.

“This tragedy serves as a stark reminder to never leave children or animals alone inside of a car for any amount of time, as temperatures can quickly rise to a deadly level,” Cache County attorney office’s chief deputy Tony Baird stated in the news release.

Whittier, 36, faces aggravated animal cruelty charges – a class B misdemeanor. If found guilty, he could face a maximum penalty of $1,000 and up to six-months in jail. A court appearance is scheduled for August 28.

Rest in peace Endy. Your life ended too soon because of human error and allegedly not following protocol.

(Photo of Endy for sheriff’s deputy charged via Cache County Sheriff’s Department)

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Man evading arrest hits police dog in face with rock

In Kingman, Arizona, a man trying to evade arrest on Thursday is alleged to have hit a police dog with a rock breaking the animal’s teeth. Adam Benjamin Frankel, 33, was arrested on suspicion of three counts of animal cruelty, escape, criminal damage, felonies and disorderly conduct in relation to a domestic violence charge.

According to the Daily Miner, police arrived at a home where Frankel was accused of assaulting his 46-year-old aunt after kicking in her front door. The woman told authorities her nephew grabbed her and threw her to the ground.


Deputies had been interviewing the two women at the residence when Frankel was apprehended. He denied all charges, and as police were walking him to the squad car, Frankel took off and ran into the desert. A Department of Public Safety Ranger helicopter and an officer with his canine patrol assisted. When the dog and his handler located Frankel hiding in the brush, he again tried to run, but not before allegedly picking up a rock and hitting the dog in the mouth – causing the animal to suffer three broken teeth.

Frankel has been booked into the Mohave County jail. The K-9 was taken to a veterinarian for surgery. There is no word on the extent of the dog’s injuries, however his surgery has exceeded $8,000. There have been no updates on his condition.

(Photo of Frankel who allegedly hit police dog with rock from Mohave County Jail)

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Florida police dog found dead inside of parked patrol car

In Melbourne, Florida a police dog was found dead inside of a parked patrol car outside of the Brevard County Courthouse on Friday. The German shepherd, named Diesel was discovered about 7:30 in the evening; the patrol vehicle belonged to an officer from the Sebastian Police Department. On the department’s Facebook, the sad announcement stated:

“As many of you have heard we suffered a tragic loss of one of our beloved K-9’s on Friday April 28, 2017. The incident occurred in Melbourne Florida. The situation is being investigated by the Melbourne Police Department and when their investigation is over, an administrative investigation will occur here with the Sebastian Police Department. Our entire department is saddened by Diesel’s tragic death; please keep us in your thoughts and prayers. More information will be released when available.”

Authorities have not released any information as to how long Diesel had been left in the car, but the National Weather Service reported temperatures in the afternoon at 88 degrees. One can only imagine how hot the car’s interior temperature had climbed. Melbourne police and Brevard County Animal Control are also taking part in the investigation. Detectives suspect  the officer, who is known to leave his K-9 at home when going to court, forgot that the dog was in the SUV. The officer arrived at the courthouse on Friday at 11:00 a.m.

According to the Sebastian Daily, some of the police vehicles are equipped with alarms if the temperatures rise to a dangerous level, but the officer had the SUV turned off. Area residents who know the officer, say the he has two other dogs that are used as pets; one dog is retired, and the other had been injured while on-duty. As of this time, the officer’s name has been withheld pending the investigation. It has been reported he is “devastated” by Diesel’s death.

(Photos of police dog via Sebastian Police Department Facebook)

Rest in peace Diesel. We are sorry humans let you down.

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