Coyote made its way into home through doggy door

On Saturday night, about 1:00 a.m., a homeowner was startled by an uninvited visitor. Although we are all warned about coyotes and their apparent ingenuity when it comes to hunting, we may never realize how … Read More

So-called ‘mystery’ animal on the loose after busting out of crate and window

The so-called “mystery animal” who was rescued from the cold in Pennsylvania has made a break for it. The coyote or dog (nobody is certain, but the breakout behavior is pointing to coyote!) busted out … Read More

Coyote brought into wildlife rescue with paw stuck in illegal inhumane leg trap

At the Austin Wildlife Rescue, an adult coyote was brought to the organization late last week by Austin Animal Protection. The frightened animal was discovered cowering in a resident’s driveway hiding underneath a car … Read More

Battered coyote pup rescued by hikers making awesome recovery

In the Indian Canyons area of Palm Springs last week, a group of hikers found a badly injured coyote pup. One of the hikers took the tiny pup home to rehabilitate him. Authorities think the … Read More

Reward offered after coyote pup caught by head in illegal trap euthanized

In Swampscott, Massachusetts a young coyote was euthanized on Wednesday after it had been caught in an illegal raccoon trap on its head and its jaw clamped shut making it unable to drink or eat. … Read More

Animal rights group calls for investigation of man repeatedly shooting coyote

At the Sierra Lakes Golf Club in Fontana, California, an animal activist group has called upon authorities to investigate the repeated shooting of a trapped coyote. A man was videoed last week shooting the coyote … Read More

Coyote rescued from Port Miami water euthanized because ‘non-native’

A coyote rescued from the waters of Port Miami by the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue was euthanized on Tuesday according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee. The animal was killed because he is a … Read More

Trump administration reauthorizes ‘cyanide bombs’ after public outrage

The Trump Administration has reauthorized the use of “cyanide bombs” to poison foxes, coyotes and wild dogs that  threaten livestock. The announcement came on Thursday, which included additional safety requirements to protect humans and pets. … Read More

Woman punched coyote in the face protecting friend’s dog

In Reading, Massachusetts, a woman visiting from the United Kingdom punched a coyote in the face on Monday as the wild animal pounced upon a friend’s tiny dog. Jessica Jones, 21, suffered minor injuries after … Read More

Brave kitty fended off trespassing coyote

In Altadena, California, a brave kitty fended off a trespassing coyote protecting her home. The entire spat was captured on a home doorbell surveillance camera.

The fearless feline stood her ground, and although the person … Read More