Dog survives aggressive coyote attack

In a rural area of South Carolina, a nine-month-old puppy was attacked by a coyote on Saturday night. When an area resident was awakened at 3:00 a.m. by terrible screams, she raced outside and spotted a coyote on top of the poor puppy aggressively attacking. The submissive pup was so frightened, he didn’t even fight back.

Fortunately the coyote was chased off, and the shivering pup taken to Animal Control for medical treatment. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC volunteered to rescue the pooch, now named Ramsey from the shelter.

“We are glad someone heard Ramsey’s cries and that he will be okay,” wrote Rescue Dogs Rock NYC co-founder, Jackie O’Sullivan. “Many other pets are not so lucky. Coyotes are out in record numbers in many parts of this country attacking and killing family pets. Please keep your pets safe.”

Unfortunately, as coyotes get more comfortable and lose their natural fear in urban areas, they are more apt to be seen prowling around in search of prey. There are still practical ways to dissuade the animals from coming into residential neighbors. Coyotes are important to our natural surroundings as they do keep rodents in control, however the animals can transmit infectious diseases including rabies, distemper and parasitic worms, fleas and ticks. Don’t ever try to be a hero – just learn the basics to protect yourself and your pets.

  • Do not keep food outside
  • Clean your grill after every use of store it in the garage
  • Don’t add meat to compost piles
  • Pick up fallen fruit if you have fruit trees in your yard
  • Keep cats indoors
  • Don’t leave dogs tied outdoors
  • Be careful with backyard chickens
  • Fences can be installed as well as fence-top rollers

If ever confronted by a coyote, never turn your back on the animal and do not run. Make sure your dog is leashed and do not turn your dog loose to go after the coyote either. Hold your hands over your head and wave at the animal to make yourself appear larger and frightening to the coyote. Run towards him and make loud noises to scare him away. Shake keys, flap your jacket and yell – “Get out of here!” If needed throw stones, sticks or rocks at them, but aim for their feet to scare them away.

To donate for Ramsey, please go to!

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Hunter charged with cruelty after dog found caught in coyote trap

During a disturbing discovery of a dog that “appeared to be emaciated, dehydrated, very weak and in excruciating pain,” a hunter was charged with animal cruelty after authorities found the dog caught in a coyote trap. Late last week Charlotte, North Carolina resident, Alex Kraig Cummins, 30, was charged as the owner of the trap and for violating the law and not checking the trap every 24-hours as required.

According to the Statesville& Landmark, investigators from Iredell County Animal Services, near Troutman, responded to a report of a large brown and black Akita and shepherd mix, found with its foot caught in a coyote trap on December 14, 2017. Officers stated the dog had been stuck in the trap for “several days.” The contraption severed the bones in three of the dog’s toes which remained attached to the dog by only a small piece of skin.

Further investigation by police found another trap in the woods close by which did not meet state regulations.

Cummins has been charged with misdemeanor cruelty to animals and was released on an unsecured $2,500 bond.  The dog has been under the care of a rescue group and is receiving medical attention.

Did you know that if you want to get updates from a Facebook page, you need to do more than “like” it? To get recent postings in your Facebook feed, you must also hover your mouse over the word “following” and then click “see first” from the drop-down menu. You may want to check back with your favorite pages on occasion because Facebook often changes your settings, no longer having your having your favorites among those to “see first.

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Man mistakes coyote for neighbor’s dog is bitten

In Ashburham, Massachusetts, a man thought the animal he went over to pet was his neighbor’s husky. Instead the animal was a coyote who bit the man several times -sending the man to the hospital.

According to the Facebook page of the Asburham Police Department, the victim had been in his backyard when he saw the coyote approach. After the attack, the coyote ran into the woods. The man has since been treated for rabies as a precaution. Police are warning people not to leave food out and to avoid the shy animals who seldom come into populated areas except when searching for food.


Ashburnham Police Department

about a week ago

“Last evening Sunday 10/22/17 a resident on Dunn Rd was bitten by a coyote. The animal was mistaken for a small-medium sized dog and allowed the person to approach before biting. Be aware that these animals live in and travel the wooded areas around town. Please watch your pets closely and pass the word to neighbors and school bus students. Coyotes vary in size, color and will wander into residential areas looking for food. Unknown dogs, foxes and coyotes should not be approached or fed for any reason. Environmental Police are investigating the incident.”

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Reports of ‘zombie dogs’ are really sick coyotes with mange

As with all drama, the more graphic the name, the more people pay attention and allow their imaginations to run away with details not likely to ever be proven “fact test worthy.” On Monday, the Hanover Police Department in Chicago, posted a warning and an explanation on their Facebook page referencing the local reports of “zombie dogs.”

“Recently we have received several messages and posts from citizens concerned about what appear to be malnourished or neglected stray dogs. These are NOT lost pets, but are in fact coyotes,” the post stated. “There is unfortunately an increase in sarcoptic mange in the urban coyote populations which has caused these normally nocturnal animals to become more active during the day.

And the explanation why the coyotes appear so scary looking continued:

“Infected animals will often appear ‘mangy’- which looks just like it sounds. They suffer hair loss and develop secondary infections, eventually looking like some kind of “zombie” dog. The infection affects their vision causing them to look for food during the daylight hours. These infected animals are normally aggressive, but should be avoided at all times.”

Residents are warned to avoid the animals and to keep their pets away from the coyotes too – as  sarcoptic mange is very contagious. Neighbors are asked not to leave any food outside and to make sure all garbage cans are securely closed.

Coyotes are a common sight in Illinois; there have been no recorded cases of coyotes biting humans in the northeastern part of the state. According to Project Coyote, many of the animals can recover from the disease. Please leave them alone; sadly feeding them and encouraging them out into residential areas will only get them killed.

(Photo of zombie dog via Facebook)

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Georgia man out for morning jog bitten by rabid coyote

In Roswell, Georgia, a man out for his morning jog along Lake Charles Drive was attacked by a rabid coyote on Monday morning.

“I looked down and grabbed him by the neck and pushed down,” stated  the victim of the attack Bill Goff. “Trying to get him off the leg. And then when I got him pinned down I realized it wasn’t a dog. It was a coyote,” Goff told WsbTvNews.

Goff has been jogging for the last five years and never expected to be attacked by any animal – much less a coyote, noting the animal was “growling when he was biting” his leg. Fortunately a neighbor came along and called 911, as Goff kept the animal pinned to the ground for 20 minutes. Goff didn’t want to take any chances the animal could bite someone else.

Roswell police stated Animal Control euthanized the coyote, and tests revealed it had rabies. Unfortunately once the symptoms of rabies begin to show, the disease is fatal to the infected animal. Goff has been going through the series of shots to ward off rabies. Even though coyote attacks are extremely rare, it does raise a warning for pet owners everywhere to make sure your dogs and cats are properly vaccinated.

(Photo via screenshot via WsbTv)

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