Battered coyote pup rescued by hikers making awesome recovery

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In the Indian Canyons area of Palm Springs last week, a group of hikers found a badly injured coyote pup. One of the hikers took the tiny pup home to rehabilitate him. Authorities think the pup may have been attacked by a mountain lion, bobcat or other predatory animal. No one knows what happened to the little one’s mother.

According to Yahoo News, Kele Younger, the founder of the Magic Jungle Wildlife Preserve, received a call for help. She fed and watered him, and the next day Younger knew the pup was in serious condition. She named him Twenty-Twenty and hurried off to the Apple Valley Animal Hospital with her tiny bundle.

After a careful physical examination, tiny Twenty-Twenty was diagnosed with a fractured sternum, a puncture wound and severe trauma. He is blind in his left eye – thus his name, and it is not known if he was born that way or if it was the result of a severe injury.

And now after being treated with antibiotics and lots of loving caresses, the six-week-old pup is on the mend. He’s extremely cuddly and of course, who wouldn’t fall in love with a little one that adorable?

For now, Twenty Twenty will recuperate at Younger’s preserve where he is being fed with a syringe although he can lap water. It’s not likely he will ever be able to return to the wild and in the future might be transferred to a place where there are non aggressive coyotes.

“We’ll make that decision in a few more weeks, but right now he’s just a little love muffin,” Younger stated.

Get well soon little guy.

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