Injured baby bird arrives at wildlife center by UBER

In Ogden, Utah an injured baby bird arrived at a wildlife center alone – via UBER. The human friends of the orphaned Lesser Goldfinch had been drinking at a house when they found the little … Read More

Mean driver baited sea gulls before running them down with car

In Taunton, England, authorities are asking for the public’s help identifying the driver who reportedly baited sea gulls before “deliberately running them down on Tuesday.” The RSPCA states the driver placed chips in the roadway … Read More

Denver culls Canada geese and kills them to feed hungry families

In the city of Denver, the Canada geese better fly away if they can. The United States Department of Agriculture has been rounding them up and killing them for food.

According to CPRNews, there … Read More

Swan protecting her cygnets killed dog swimming in pond

At Bushy Park in Terenure, Ireland, a swan protecting her cygnets killed a dog swimming in the pond. The distraught owner helplessly watched the attack on Saturday, and there was nothing he could do to … Read More

Man who bragged online about harming endangered bird arrested

In an especially cruel incident in Indonesia, a man who bragged online about killing an endangered bird and posted the photos on his social media account, has been arrested when his post became viral and … Read More

Man charged with shooting 2 federally protected trumpeter swans

In Minneapolis, a man has been accused of shooting two federally protected trumpeter swans while kayaking in Anoka County. Conner Benjamin Walsh was charged with seven misdemeanors earlier in this week for allegedly killing the … Read More

Injured egret rescued after being stranded on front lawn

In Long Island, an injured egret had been stranded on a front lawn in a residential neighborhood when the Suffolk County police came to his rescue. The heron with his white feathers and impressive wing … Read More

Truck driver plowed into family of geese because he was in a rush

In Greenville, South Carolina, a woman witnessed a truck driver plow into a family of geese on Wednesday morning because he was obviously in a rush.

According to WisNews10, the geese were killed on … Read More

Flamingo euthanized at zoo after kid threw rock into exhibit

In Bloomington, Illinois, a flamingo had to be euthanized after an elementary school student threw a rock into the exhibit and broke the flamingo’s leg.

According to the Pantagraph, a representative from the Miller … Read More

Authorities search for teens who purposely tortured goose for hours

Authorities are asking for the public’s help identifying a gang of teenagers who reportedly were seen torturing a goose and killing ducks in London. Witnesses state they spotted six boys and a girl carry out … Read More