‘Cutest thing ever’ of Tik Tok video showing tiny duckling tucked in and asleep in bed

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We NEVER get enough of adorable animals, and one Tik Tok video of a tiny duckling fast asleep in bed has earned the title of the “cutest thing ever.”

And so this most adorable video was shared to Reddit on Thursday evening with the caption:

“It’s finally happened. I’ve seen the cutest thing ever.”

Reddit user BusyBusyBizzy

Obviously lots of social media users agree, and within two days or maybe less, more than 37,000 upvotes registered, but if you check out Tik Tok where the video was originally posted, it’s been even more popular where it has been viewed nearly five million times. The Tik Tok user who frequently posts adorable duck videos goes under the handle ducks_in_space, and has been following the adventures of Tonia, the mom duck with her tiny too adorable to describe – ducklings.

There are other videos that are cute, but this one with the duckling asleep in bed carefully tucked in on a human adult bed and looking oh so peaceful and too adorable for words is the one that has taken center stage for the most attention. The little guy seems quite content with the accompanying caption:

“Have you seen this?”

Tik Tok

Check out the video here.

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