Pigeons dyed blue rescued after having been released at a funeral

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Over the weekend, the wildlife rescue division of Animal Nation were called about a group of pigeons who had been found at a cemetery after being released at a funeral. Fortunately, the staff at the cemetery were able to capture the seven lethargic, frail and starving birds and contacted the rescue organization for help.

“It’s no surprise to us that these birds didn’t make it far after being released. If you remember from our post a few weeks back, domestic doves and pigeons who are bred for memorial services or celebratory events lack the skills and ability to survive in the wild. They are also always found lethargic, frail, starving and too exhausted to fly.”

Animal Nation Facebook post

It was even more shocking to have found one of the pigeons had been dyed blue. And although it is not unheard of to find pigeons and doves being dyed for gender reveal parties or simply as a “wow” factor, this blue pigeon broke the hearts of everyone. When dyed, once the bird gets wet, the dye is absorbed making their feathers less water repellent which takes away their ability to fly, and thus any protection a peaceful bird could have to save its own life.

All of the pigeons were examined and found to be underweight, unkept and barely more than babies. They are now safe and are being cared for and nurtured back to health.

Animal Nation asks that people share the impact for these innocent birds, and let their friends, families and neighbors know the cruelty involved when these innocent animals are used for parties and/or life events.

Let them know dove and pigeon releases are cruel and never end well for the birds who are released. If you’d like to make a donation to the care and rehabilitation of these pigeons visit flipcause.com/secure/donate/MTMwNzQ5 and let us know you’re donating in honor of the lucky 7.

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  1. Bunny Peters says:

    This is very sad…….. also, these domesticated birds have no idea how to avoid predators (like big birds of prey)…….

    Those predators are very opportunistic and rip live birds apart for their meals……. I have seen waaaaaaay too many doves and white pigeons ripped apart alive by hawks……

    I am very happy that these birds were found and rescued. I hope that they all have the opportunity to grow up and have good lives!!!


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