Pet chicken swooped up by bald eagle returned to home three days later

In Clomox Valley, Canada, a family’s pet chicken named Doris, returned home three days later after having been snatched up in the talons of a bald eagle looking for dinner. A loud commotion alerted Doris’ family, and when they went into the coop to investigate, there was a huge eagle inside of the fence and on the ground as if getting ready to dig in.

According to ChekNews, this all happened on April 21, when the family dog Lucy managed to scare the eagle away, but too late – because everyone thought he carried Doris away. Albeit a fist full of feathers found in the chicken coop from Doris indicated a raucous struggle and a lot of loud noise, something about Doris and her will to live, made her one amazing survivor.

Just three days later, Doris returned home. The farm owner had been in the coop and had left the gate open when she noticed Doris walking towards her.

“I looked again and oh my gosh that was her,” stated Brenda Mathieson, the farm’s owner. “She was coming back in to feed so she was going to eat and drink and she was missing for three days.”

Doris showed up with a huge loss of feathers on one side along with a rather big bite. The one-year-old Rhode Island Red Chicken is now recuperating in the house and being administered pain medication.

Doris is one heck of a chicken don’t you agree?

(Photo via freezeshot from video on Chek News)

Check out the video:

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