Stowaway roadrunner hitched ride from Las Vegas to Maine in moving van

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In Freedom, Maine, a roadrunner left the driving to a moving van where it hitched a ride across the country. The Greater Roadrunner – a species native to the Southwestern states, traveled from Las Vegas to Westbrook, Maine. He is now in the care of Avian Haven, a bird rehabilitation center in Maine.

“On Saturday afternoon, November 13, we took a call from a man named Gary, who had driven a rental moving van from Las Vegas, Nevada to Westbrook, Maine. Gary and his son Brian were unloading the van at a storage facility in Westbrook when they discovered a stowaway – a Greater Roadrunner, a species native to the American Southwest. We quickly deployed Portland-area volunteer Karen Silverman. Shortly after Karen arrived, Brian discovered the bird hiding in a front storage area of the van. He flushed the roadrunner out into the back of the vehicle, where Karen handily netted the bird. A transportation relay comprising Karen, Cheryl King, and Deb Huard got the bird here safely and in record time.”

Avian Haven

The bird was in “remarkably good shape” after having ridden in the moving van for the last four days, except it may have lost some weight. Now comes the challenge to get the bird back to Las Vegas once she is healthy enough to travel again.

For now, she has a special area that is being kept warmer than the typical outdoor areas.

“We can’t say whether the roadrunner is male or female. If we were to judge by admission weight, we would lean toward female, but we have no way of knowing how much weight the bird might have lost during the cross-country trip.”

Avian Haven

A meeting with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and its agency counterpart in Nevada will help this little one hopefully get home.

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