Stowaway roadrunner hitched ride from Las Vegas to Maine in moving van

In Freedom, Maine, a roadrunner left the driving to a moving van where it hitched a ride across the country. The Greater Roadrunner – a species native to the Southwestern states, traveled from Las Vegas … Read More

Spirited cockatoo raises his feathers and barks back at three dogs

In Benton, Arizona, there lives a spirited cockatoo named Casey. Just this week, a video emerged on social media showing Casey having a slight “dither” when he just felt the need to bark back at … Read More

Thousands of animals, many dead, found in California warehouse

On Friday, thousands of animals, many dead or dying, were discovered inside of a warehouse in Montclair, California. According to officials, as many as 3000 animals may have been stowed away inside of the building … Read More