Four abandoned sick Beagle puppies rescued from dumpster being helped by compassionate hearts

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Just this week, a heartbreaking scene unfolded. A group of tiny Beagle puppies were discovered abandoned, shivering, and demonstrably unwell. The puppies had been found in a dumpster and rescued from certain death.

Thanks to the swift intervention of the Halifax Dog Rescue, the puppies were immediately treated and then transferred to Triangle Beagle Rescue in North Carolina; they are now on the mend and soon will be awaiting their forever homes.

They have scratched and bitten most of their hair off, are full of sores, and one pup is most likely blind. It is clear they have not had an easy life up to this point, but that all changed today. They are visiting the Dogtor and on their way to their new pampered TBR lives.


The puppies have been named after the PAW Patrol puppies – Sky, Sweetie, Zuma and Rocky.

The rescue organization immediately took the puppies under their wing, providing them with the medical attention they desperately needed.

The good news is that these adorable Beagle pups are working towards their rehabilitation journey. When they receive clean bills of health, they’ll be ready to find their perfect forever families.

They are two baths in, and feeling so much better! Thank you to everyone who made a donation in their honor; your generosity is greatly appreciated! We will continue to keep you pup-dated on their progress.

Are you looking to add a furry friend to your life? These Beagle pups are known for their friendly nature, playful spirit, and loyalty. They’d be a wonderful addition to an active family or someone seeking a devoted companion.

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Triangle Beagle Rescue

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Raleigh NC 27613

Together, let’s give these deserving pups the loving homes they deserve!

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