UPDATE: 5 month old puppy continues to fight for his life after hit and run accident

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One week ago, an emergency plea came into NYC Second Chance Rescue Dogs to help save a five-month-old puppy in critical condition; he had been a victim of a possible hit-and-run vehicle incident, however his injuries may have indicated an intentional act of animal cruelty. The puppy, named Ozzy, suffered severe trauma to his head, face and body.

Two Good Samaritans found Ozzy’s near lifeless body in the middle of the road and rushed him to a nearby animal hospital, sending out pleas for help on social media. The puppy, thought to have been a stray, sustained severe head trauma resulting in brain swelling; without treatment his prognosis would likely have been fatal. He also has a broken jaw and one broken leg.

As of Friday morning, the rescue organization posted the puppy is now conscious and continues to be administered drugs to ease the swelling in his brain.

The Good Samaritans who rescued Ozzy rushed to the puppy’s side after they were told he was conscious.

They held his little body up and kissed his sweet head. Their love for Ozzy is palpable, and we want to share his rescue story, as it shows angels are truly walking among us. While driving home, Jenee and Kyle Crowther spotted a nearly lifeless dog lying in the middle of the road. The couple halted to a stop, horrified at the scene. Kyle jumped out of the car and used the shirt off his back to pick up the injured dog in his arms, reeling as he noticed that the dog was bleeding from its eyes, nose and mouth. It became apparent that the dog had been struck by a vehicle and left like roadkill.”


The couple rushed the dog to the nearest emergency veterinarian hospital nearly an hour away as Kyle cradled the puppy in his arms. And that is when NYC Second Chance Rescue was called and were in contact with the veterinarian hospital, giving them permission to do everything they could to save the puppy’s life.

The couple named the puppy Ozzy – in a nod to Black Sabbath’s Iron Man, because they called this tiny survivor “our little Iron Man.”

There is no doubt this little puppy is in for a long recovery. He will need multiple surgeries to repair his broken bones once he is strong enough to undergo the procedures. Today, everyone is happy, that at least he is conscious and the medication is bringing down the swelling in his brain; Ozzy is resting comfortably.

Ozzy has since been transferred to a specialty hospital for surgery. The first thing they repaired was Ozzy’s leg; that surgery was successful, and he’s already bearing weight. A CT Scan was done on his jaw, which showed multiple complex jaw fractures. The surgery for the jaw was postponed to Monday in order for a board-certified dentist to perform the surgery.

Ozzy went through such traumatic injuries, and every piece of his recovery must be done with patience and care.

Please send some well wishes for Ozzy below. We will update you once the surgery is complete!

Ways to donate to Ozzy:


– PayPal: [email protected]

– ZELLE: [email protected]

– VENMO: NYC-SCR (Search under charities not person)

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