Two bonded German shepherds surrendered due to owner’s illness need help

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At the Morrow County Dog Shelter in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, two German shepherds need a patient new family to adopt them. Meet Sadie and Shilo, who are both two year old siblings. Sadly, their owner became very ill, and he could no longer care for the dogs.

The staff at the shelter have been working with Sadie and Shilo, who have been described as fearful and shy when new people are introduced. They have made progress with the staff and are better able to have some interaction.

Sadie and Shilo need someone patient to help them realize that life can be great. Anyone interested must come to the shelter and meet the dogs.

Not every “owner” is a crappy owner; some are truly heartbroken to have to take that step but they are trying to look out for their precious dogs.


The shelter is requesting that no negative comments be posted on the Morrow County Dog Shelter’s Facebook page.

Please share the plights of these two dogs who could benefit from readers and animal advocates sharing with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts.

For more information on adopting Sadie and Shilo, contact the Morrow County Dog Shelter at 419.946.1747.

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