Super active pup ‘Cranberry’ given the ‘euth’ command

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Update: Put to sleep. We are so sorry Cranberry. Humans failed you.

Today is super-active Cranberry’s last day at Brooklyn’s New York City Animal Care Centers. How heartbreaking it has become, when it was just a few days after Thanksgiving three dogs entered the shelter as strays and given names reflecting the holiday. Cranberry’s girlfriend, Gravy and puppy, Stuffing have been adopted; he’s the only one left from a family that once was. He deserves his chance at happiness too!

Tragically, it doesn’t seem as if Cranberry will be celebrating any holidays to come. Instead, he will take his last walk down a hall this afternoon and never again see the light of a new day.

Cranberry is about five years old and is a cutie. Just look at those eyes, and his loving face! Who knows what he has endured? We don’t know how long he wondered the cold streets, scared, without food or love. He also has a broken tooth which has to cause him pain.

We don’t know why his owner abandoned him or how he was treated or “mistreated.” Still, he seeks comfort and attention from the staff.

He isn’t a huge fan of other dogs, but he wants to socialize and be with humans. He deserves that and more. He loves getting pets and treats and jumps up for them. He loves to be loved, but he is finding confinement in his kennel to be extremely stressful. Who can blame him? This isn’t a reason to kill him!

Check out his video:


Brooklyn ACC

5 years old

What the staff says about Cranberry:

I need a home where there are no other dogs.

I would do best in a home with only adult humans.

I’m ready to learn! I need a patient person who has the time to work on training with me.

I love to be loved, but on my own terms! Let’s brush up on some canine body language together!

Sex M Color Black / White

Spayed / Neutered No Age 5 years, 53 lbs

My health has been checked.

My vaccinations are up to date.

My worming is up to date.

I have been micro-chipped.

More information about this boy can be found here.

Note: Due to the detailed behavior issues, this dog is only available for foster/adoption through one of ACC’s New Hope Partners. If you are interested in adopting or fostering, please fill out the pre-screener form. This dog is not directly available for adoption through ACC and is only available by completing the pre-screener form. Adoption inquiries sent directly to ACC will not receive a response.

Please reach out to Dogs Lives Matter – Saving NYC Dogs on FB to save adorable Cranberry. Please hurry – time has nearly run out for this precious life.

Follow the National Pet Rescue on Facebook for the latest animal related news.

Thus the name silly kitty?
Checking out the snow.

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  1. PTS per Facebook😭😭😭 so very sorry that humans failed you. Please look for MacKitty in Heaven and join his wonderful snuggle buddies group. RIP amongst loving friends furever……..


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