Just one more chance for NYC shelter dog who holds on tight with his paws

Melo has been scheduled to be euthanized at the New York City Animal Care Center in Manhattan on Thursday afternoon. His story could break anyone’s heart and has been let down his entire life.

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Lola’s family broke her heart when they dumped her and now she is slated to die

At the Manhattan facility of the New York City Animal Care Centers, a two-year-old dog who once lived in a house full of people and happily with another dog, is scheduled to be humanely euthanized … Read More

Terribly neglected little dog needs immediate help in NYC

At the New York City Animal Care Center, a little dog arrived Monday morning at the shelter. His terribly neglected appearance indicates he needs help immediately. He has not been evaluated or examined by the … Read More

No one has chosen Dolly and now she is out of time

At the New York City Animal Care Center in Manhattan, Dolly is out of time today. No one has chosen her. On May 5, the five-year-old sweet, friendly and sociable dog was found as a … Read More

NYC animal shelter leads frightened dog to back room

A viral video taken inside of Manhattan’s New York City Animal Care Center has garnered more than 120,000 views and 4,100 shares. Andrew Weprin, an animal advocate, posted the disturbing video to Facebook where it … Read More

Kimbo: ‘You think I don’t know? Will I see tomorrow?’

While everyone is celebrating, wrapping gifts and looking forward to seeing our families, Kimbo waits at Brooklyn’s Animal Care Center. Along with all the other orphans, three-year-old Kimbo waits,

“Why doesn’t anyone want me? You

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To die: Bonded pup and deaf pal torn apart by NYC Housing Authority

In a cruel twist of fate, a bonded pup and her deaf pal have been torn apart by the New York City Housing Authority that restricts pets weighing more than 25 pounds. Who can even … Read More

Bailey was left in the lobby of a kill shelter to die

Bailey was left in the lobby of Brooklyn’s New York City Animal Care Center. His owner couldn’t be bothered to leave any information about him – how old, what he ate, did he have a … Read More

One-year-old Jodie saved from ‘crack house’ yet slated to die in NYC shelter

For Jodi, having been rescued by the Manhattan Animal Care Center saved his life. When found in a crack house, the one-year-old pooch had been covered in urine, his legs so necrotic he couldn’t walk, … Read More

German shepherd tied up in Brooklyn tried to chew off his foot to escape

In Brooklyn, New York, a German shepherd was discovered tied up outside of the Brooklyn facility of the New York City Animal Care Centers.

According to Pix11News, Animal Care officials at the shelter  think … Read More