Israeli teenage hostage released with her pet dog

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On Tuesday, the 17-year-old high school girl kidnapped by the terrorists on October 7, 2023, was freed along with her missing Shih Tzu pup, friends and relatives had been searching for the last few weeks. No one really knew what had happened to Mia Leimberg’s dog after Mia and her mother, Gabriela were kidnapped.

According to GulfNews, it had been a surprise when Mia was released carrying her pet, who she had the entire time of her captivity. Mia and her mother, who live in Jerusalem, had brought the dog, Bella with them while visiting relatives in Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak for a holiday celebration. Mia’s father stayed home because he had the flu.

The entire family had been taken hostage, and there had been no word as to what happened to Bella or to the women. On a LinkedIn post, the dad, Moshe wrote almost everything the family had disappeared. He had no idea if anyone was alive. But in the spirit of hope, he asked the community to help find Mia’s dog, so when she returned, she would smile for the pup she loved so much.

What a surprise when Mia, Gabriela and Clara were released with photos and video showing Mia holding her dog. It is not known how Bella survived during the hostage situation, but she was reportedly examined by a veterinarian and is doing well.

Please note, there are lots of different opinions about this, but please the story is about the rescue of a dog, and that’s what we do best here at Pet Rescue Report. We ask that everyone be happy for the survivors and of course Bella.

(Main photo via handout)

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