Starving pup found tied to tree with her bowls and bag of food now receiving life saving help

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A starving and emaciated dog was brought into the Mahoning County Dog Warden in Ohio on Thursday evening. Because of her condition, the young dog was rushed to Medvet Urgent Care.

According to veterinarians examining the dog dubbed Cocoa, she appeared to have been fed an enormous amount of food. This immediately became a life-death situation, since feeding an emaciated dog a huge amount of food can cause organ failure and subsequent death.

Cocoa’s body score was determined to be a “3” out of “9”. She also had radiographs, bloodwork and was administered sub-q fluids. It was suspected Cocoa was suffering from “Refeeding Syndrome.”

Refeeding syndrome usually occurs within the first three to seven days. When a dog is fed after a period of starvation, the body is able to use glucose for energy which it does not have while starving. Glucose needs phosphorous to generate energy for the body, and it continues to draw from the depleted amounts, making the levels of phosphorous low. The main effect of the decreased phosphorous can result in hemolytic anemia leading to the failure of red blood cells delivering oxygen to the organs.

Veterinarians instructed Cocoa’s caretakers not to feed her for 24 hours and to only give her small amounts of water. Her x-rays showed her stomach had expanded into the entire space of her abdomen. When she did finally have a bowel movement, her feces was full of grass; that likely had been she had been so hungry and someone decided to feed her.

We have many questions and are further investigating. Animal Charity of Ohio will be given our information as well in hopes of prosecuting the abusers. So far many details are not adding up.

Cocoa’s veterinary bill was $771.26. She may need further care in the upcoming days as well. We pray she can overcome this medically as well as mentally.

Friends Of Fido MCDP covered her medical bill. If not for them she and countless others would not have a chance.


To donate to Friends of Fido MCDP, please click here.

Updates to follow.

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