Kindest woman steps up to foster 3 dogs on euth list after owner in coma after struck by truck

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In San Antonio, Texas, an awful tragedy sent three dogs to the City of San Antonio Animal Care Services. It had been in the middle of October when Jeter, Pauly and Snowy lost their pet parent. The dogs’ owner had been struck by a truck while on her morning run; she was placed in an induced coma, and no one was there to care for her dogs. Because of the overcrowded shelter conditions, the dogs were only given a few days to live before they were to be euthanized; their only chance would have been someone to step up to foster them.

The shelter staff reached out to social media for help; asking for someone to volunteer and provide Jeter, Pauly and Snowy with a temporary home, and providing the opportunity to be reunited with Ms. W. once she recovered from the accident.

All three pups are sweet but reasonably scared and timid after being separated from their mom. These good boys need time and a calm home environment to help them decompress while they wait to go home to Ms. W.

If you are interested in helping make a difference in the lives of Jeter, Pauly, and Snowy by providing them with a loving temporary home, please sign up to foster them by visiting

Due to our shelter’s capacity constraints, we are not able to hold them in our kennels for an extended period of time, and the trio are in need of confirmed foster placement by 12 p.m. on Thursday, November 2nd.

Facebook City of San Antonio Animal Care Services

The photos and the social media posts circulated and were shared hundreds of times, but no one had yet to commit to care for the dogs. And then it happened… News KENS5 reported that San Antonio resident Missy Brown stepped up to help. She said she was “paying it forward.”

These dogs needed a temporary home, and a few years ago, Missy had been sick and spent 12 days in the hospital – she doesn’t know who took care of her dogs, but someone had certainly stepped up to help her pups.

The dogs were a bit nervous when Missy picked them up from the shelter, but nevertheless quite happy to be getting out of there. The three will be joining Missy’s two dogs, and when Ms. W wakes up from her coma, she will learn about the selfless and no kidding – kindest woman who makes this writer’s heart smile.

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If you are interested in helping make a difference in the lives of a shelter dog, please sign up to foster them by visiting

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  1. Thank goodness for the foster momma!!! It would have been horrible for the puppies’ momma to get out of hospital and discover that her 3 precious furbabies had been euthanized. I can’t even imagine (or want to) her reaction…….


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