Senior Labrador retriever should not be euthanized for space at shelter

An eight-year-old Labrador retriever is currently at the San Antonio Animal Care Services in Texas. She is currently in the medical section of the shelter; Sasha is emaciated (she weighs only 33-pounds) and appears to … Read More

‘Willow’ barely a year old and doomed to die at Texas high kill shelter

UPDATE: Willow is with Scurvy Dog Rescue and donations for her care can be sent to:

Willow is barely a year old, yet her short life has been full of neglect and sadness. … Read More

Bonded dogs dumped ‘moving and can’t take them with us’

Two bonded dogs were surrendered to the City of San Bernardino Animal Control in California on Wednesday because their owners were “moving and can’t take them with us.”

According to the owners of Bucket and … Read More

Was Patrick a bait dog? Help needed for this Texas shelter victim

In San Antonio, Texas, Patrick arrived at the San Antonio Animal Care Services on Wednesday. Was the two-year-old dog a bait dog used in illegal dog fighting training? There has been no confirmation on what … Read More

Dog’s disabled owner could not care for him and now he’s on death row

Bronson has an adoption hold! Many thanks for everyone’s help; another precious life saved.

At the San Antonio Animal Care Shelter, Bronson’s disabled owner could no longer manage to care for his dog because he … Read More

Smoosh failed by the people he loved and will die without help

At the San Antonio Animal Care Services, Smoosh knows he has been betrayed by the people he loved. His eyes and sad demeanor say it all – no words needed.

“I don’t feel good and

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Handsome retriever with the best manners destined to die at shelter

His name is Fitz, and he is a seven-year-old black Flat-Coated Retriever. Sadly, Fitz has been scheduled to die on Monday morning. San Antonio Animal Care Services is overcrowded, and those dogs who have not … Read More

Senior pup needs her ‘somebody’ after dumped at Texas shelter

The photo of a senior dog lying alone in her shelter kennel is heartbreaking. Meet Lady – an 11-year-old sweet Labrador retriever who can hardly see. Her owner turned her into the San Antonio Animal … Read More

Update on Weimaraner left at shelter struggling for days to walk

At the San Antonio Animal Care Center in Texas, a Weimaraner sat for days struggling to walk; she appeared to be in pain and needed help quickly. Her heartbreaking story was shared more than a … Read More

Beyond urgent: Fiona deserves better and needs help now

At the San Antonio Animal Care Center in Texas, a dog deserves better; this girl needs help immediately. Her name is Fiona, and she is listed as a gray Weimaraner mix whose injury appears to … Read More