Just a petrified puppy at Texas shelter slated to die at 4 months of age

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Her name is Selena; she is just four-months-old and hasn’t even had time to know what kindness and love from a human feels like, but she is already on Saturday’s euthanasia list at Barc Animal Shelter in Houston.

Volunteers at the shelter tell us she is just terrified. Selena was able to be approached without issue, however the puppy didn’t want to leave the quasi-comfort of her kennel. She has a long, soft coat, and she could be part border collie; her ears stick straight up into the air. Selena needs time in a quiet, safe environment where she can decompress.

Selena was picked up running loose on a church’s property. She is very fearful and unsocialized but did not show aggression towards me

Volunteer at shelter

The shelter notes include the following description:

8/17 Approaching kennel dog is cowering avoiding eye contact, did not take treats. The staff member placed a towel over her head, lifted her head to place leash after muzzling her and the dog remained still. The staff member picked up the shaking pup and carried her to the next kennel.

8/16 When placing leash around her neck, Selena began to shake and snarl. She then chewed on the leash and when the leash was pulled out of her mouth, she air snapped at the staff member’s hand.


Video #2:

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A1893208. Please share this puppy’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Follow Selena’s story on Facebook.

BARC Animal Shelter

3200 Carr St Houston, TX 77026

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