Euth command for Onyx: Service dog in training dealt a bad hand

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It’s no easy task training a dog to be a service dog. Sadly, Onyx was dealt a bad hand by fate, and today he is slated to die because he didn’t understand. He had been chosen by a person to be her service dog, and with that task in mind, Onyx was loyal.

A euthanasia command has now been ordered by New York City’s Animal Care Center in Manhattan.

Onyx did not understand what a service dog’s job really entails, but instead protected his owner the only way he knows. So when the time came to serve her, his owner who he loved dearly, he stepped up to the plate. And by doing his job, his life will soon be ended.

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The protective two-year-old Onyx bit a dog that had been attacking his owner, and the next crisis was when he tried to hold down his owner while she was having a seizure. The only way Onyx knew to help her was to hold her down with his mouth, and although he always was gentle while his owner played or tickled him, the dog’s hold became too strong during the woman’s seizure and went too deep.

We are sure the bite was not out of aggression even though they are hinting that he might have become jealous since a boyfriend moved in.

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And with these two incidents, Onyx’s fate had been sealed, and even though his owner loved her dog, her loyalty was not nearly as deep as the way Onyx feels.

Onyx is described as doing well with cats and other dogs. Everyone is praying that Onyx gets a last minute reprieve, and his life is spared.

Shelter notes:

Observed Behavior – Easily leashed, wagging tail, panting, whining and barking, trying to play with stuffed toy, very interested in food; muzzled as a precaution, but leaned into pets and allowed exam and tasks without escalating

Evidence of Cruelty seen – None
Evidence of Trauma seen – None
Evidence of Neglect seen – None

Housetrained: Yes

Energy level/descriptors: Very high
Onyx is described by previous owner as a social/affectionate, vocal, very active & playful dog.

Other Notes: *Onyx often has general anxiety, pulls very hard on leash,
*Onyx jumps up often
*Onyx is fearful of loud noises & may become anxious when left alone.

For more information, please click here or here.

Onyx ID#185641, 2 years old, 62 lbs
Large Mixed Breed, Gray Unaltered Male
Came into shelter as a Agency
Medical Behavior Evaluation:
Behavior Evaluation Rating: NHO
INTAKE DATE: 10/23/2023

Onyx is not directly available for adoption through ACC. Due to the detailed behaviors this animal is only available for foster/adoption through one of ACC’s New Hope Partners and is only available by completing the pre-screener form. If you are interested in adopting or fostering, please fill out the pre-screener form. Adoption inquiries sent directly to ACC regarding this dog will not receive a response.

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When one has a beaver as a pet.

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  1. This is not a good service dog dealt a bad hand, this is a risk to human health and safety that you’re perpetuating out of hubris and denial.

  2. I have seen wonderful pitties who are 90 pound lapdogs and I have seen 50 pound pitties who were savagely abused to make them into mean killers. It definitely depends on the training as to whether you have a loving lapdog or a vicious killer. I will happily take a 90 pound lapdog anytime!!!


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