One year later and actress Kaley Cuoco misses her dog to what most pet owners can sadly relate

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In honor of one year ago that actress Kaley Cuoco said goodbye to her dog, Norman, she shared a photo on Instagram of the two of them enjoying each other’s company. The photo, posted on January 15, shows her holding Norman in her arms while the two look into the camera.

Norman, can’t believe you have been gone a year. I’ll truly miss you forever. A dog is the only thing on earth, that love you more then [sic] he loves himself.

Kaley on Instagram

Norman had been with Kaley for 14 years, and for most dog owners who have had to say goodbye to their four-legged companions, how the actress is feeling is exactly how most of us have felt saying goodbye to our dogs.

Many of Kaley’s celebrity friends noted the heart-wrenching post and replied so tenderly:

Big Bang Theory actor Kunal Nayyar posted:

“Sweet Norman. You gave him the best life.”

Kunal Nayyar

And the kind words weren’t just from celebrities and Kaley’s co workers on the set of The Flight Attendant Season 2. Her fans sent compassionate words and thoughts as well.

Norman died on January 16, 2021; Kaley was devastated. The two had been incredibly bonded. Kaley named her production company after him; Norman Productions. At the time of his passing, she shared photos of the heartbreaking moments after she lost her loyal dog.

“earth shattering deep gut wrenching pain I didn’t know was possible. Norman, you were my entire world for 14 years.


“Thank you for smiling at me as you left this world, confirming once again our language was ours alone. You will always have my heart.”


Kaley also added to her very personal message about Norman with a slideshow of the two of them together throughout the years. In 2009, the two met and she knew at that moment the pit bull mix was to become the canine love of her life.

Since the loss of Norman, Kaley has since adopted a senior pooch named Larry from Paws For Life K9 Rescue. He is a 135 pound mastiff mutt who loves everyone.

“When you know you know! Welcome to the family, Larry! He’s a 9 year old ginormous mastiff chunk mutt of love and we are obsessed.”


(Photos via Instagram)

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