Monkeys escape after truck crashes with 100 monkeys who were headed to a lab

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Update 1/23/2022: Over the weekend, the local authorities stated that the last monkey had been found. The CDC has also confirmed that the first three monkeys who escaped had been euthanized. No word on the fate of the final monkey, but presumably it met with the same fate.

On Friday afternoon, a truck pulling an enclosed trailer with 100 monkeys inside, crashed in Pennsylvania. The accident happened near Danville when the truck ran into a dump truck. After the crash, four monkeys escaped and fled the area and police warned area residents to be on the lookout.

Monkeys inside of the trailer were headed to a laboratory in Floriday – nobody has confirmed whether or not the monkeys were infected with anything, but comments on social media ran wild with some humor and a great deal of speculation. Some people posed legitimate questions…

While others predicted the beginning of the end.

And some pointed out that the scenario is eerily similar to doomsday movies…like the 1995 feature film, Outbreak.

By Saturday morning, the authorities stated that only one monkey remained on the loose:

But nobody has stated what happened to the three monkeys who were found…were they alive? Injured? Where are they now? And the big question about whether or not these monkeys were carrying any diseases has yet to be addressed. PETA science advisor, Dr. Lisa Jones-Engel, warns of possible dangers to humans:

If you live in the area and spot the remaining monkey on the loose, please call 911.

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