Man’s stolen car in Brazil recovered by police with dog lying on top of the vehicle

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One week ago, Vitor Mangino had been at a party in Brazil, and when he returned to drive home, his vehicle was missing. Thinking he may have parked it in another part of the lot, Mangino continued to search for his vehicle, but then finally had to come to the realization someone had stolen his car.

According to AoncaNews, a few days later, the police called Mangino and stated they had found his car in Moreninhas, and oddly enough the police officer had asked me if he lost his dog too? When Mangino said no to losing the dog, the police told him that a dog had refused to leave the top of the car or even let anyone near him.

And when Mangino arrived at the place where his car had been found, he saw the dog still perched on top of his car, but as strange as it may have sounded, he immediately felt a connection with the undernourished pooch. Even stranger, the dog was friendly to Mangino while others were not allowed to even get close to him.

At the time I shivered all over, I said he would be mine. I went to get the dog even forgetting the car. I already took it for myself and I already named it Heineken, it’s at home, he recalled, laughing and of course, with very cute videos of the dog.


Mangino and Heineken are inseparable now. Sadly, his car had been vandalized and the sound system stolen.

I had a loss of about $1000. But at least I gained a friend. I will make him the happiest dog in the world. Heineken is pretty skinny and will need some tests. Guys, anyone who can help with the Heineken exams, which aren’t cheap) I really appreciate it. I am unable to take medicine at the moment, I had huge losses with this theft that occurred to me. My pix key is my email thank you in advance.


It would seem Heineken and Vitor will have a great future, and the car – well for now there might be a wait for a new stereo system, but all that is sure to work out.

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