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Man’s stolen car in Brazil recovered by police with dog lying on top of the vehicle

One week ago, Vitor Mangino had been at a party in Brazil, and when he returned to drive home, his vehicle was missing. Thinking he may have parked it in another part of the lot, … Read More

‘Jealous’ dog mauls twin newborn babies to death

Newborn twins in Brazil were mauled to death by one of the family dogs in what has been described as a possible act of “jealousy.”

According to the Daily Mail, Elaine Novais left her … Read More

Parrot arrested by Brazil police for warning drug dealers of raid

A parrot in Brazil was taken into custody by police after it tried to warn his drug dealer owners of a raid.

“Mummy, police,” the feathered watch bird shouted!

According to NbcNews, the bird … Read More

Six dogs wait patiently for homeless man outside hospital in Brazil

Six dogs waited patiently for the homeless man who has been caring for them outside of a hospital in Brazil on Wednesday after the man suffered a minor stroke.

According to the local newspaper G1, Read More