Mountain lion enters home in Santa Rosa and drags family’s border collie outside

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It had to have been a terrifying time when a woman came face to face with a mountain lion in her own home, and the wild animal dragged her border collie out by its neck.

According to Rebecca Kracker, who shared a video of the horrifying experience on her Facebook page showing Sherman, her elderly dog, being dragged out of their home, the series of events were frightening.

Rebecca had left the sliding door to her home on November 28 and had been in another room when she heard Sherman cry out and growl. She reacted immediately, at the time, thinking her senior pooch had fallen, but when she spotted what was really happening, she was shocked. Sherman seemed to have been moving strangely “like he was convulsing” Rebecca thought, but then she saw a mountain lion dragging her motionless dog outside towards the back yard.

Instinctively Rebecca closed the sliding door to keep the mountain lion from coming back in and called neighbors for help while videoing the frightening situation.

“That’s my dog, just laying on the ground. It was just pulled out of the house by that f***ing mountain lion.

Rebecca as heard on the video

Meanwhile, the other dogs in the house barked, and soon one of the neighbors arrived with a shot gun; the loud noise scared the wild animal away.

Miraculously, Sherman survived. All he had was a small cut on his lip, however he was in shock and barely responsive for hours. Rebecca said whenever she walked over to check on her dog, despite all that he had been through, he still wagged his tail.

Rebecca contacted animal control who told her initially they were not able to do anything because the mountain lion had fled, but just one day later, the lion returned to the property and killed two of Rebecca’s goats.

Well, I can tell you the cost of inaction on Monday night. This time it was two more goats killed. Two healthy, young does in their prime. Both were due to kid in March, with 4-6 babies expected between them. I am heartbroken to have lost these does, but also thankful that P1 didn’t try to take someone’s child. I was sitting at my counter working on a project when I heard what sounded like a goat getting attacked. At 7:18 pm, I called the trapper and pulled up my barn camera footage. Sure enough, I couldn’t see P1, but I could see a goat struggling on the ground. On his way to the property, we discussed the best entrance to the attack area. At 8:15 pm, I got the call that all was clear.

Rebecca Facebook post

The lion was then apprehended and euthanized. The tagged animal tracked by the Audubon Canyon Ranch was a 16-year-old female cougar identified as P1. Everyone agreed, although very sad, that the animal’s behavior was not common for mountain lions and her advanced age could have contributed to her vicious behavior.

Rest in peace P1.


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