Adorable pooch accidentally set off fire alarm at doggy day care center

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Who’s sorry now? That’s what a golden retriever named Birdie might be pondering after she accidentally set off the alarm at her doggy day care center in Des Moines, Iowa.

According to the Facebook page of Dogwoods Lodge, Birdie goes to daycare on Fridays. She had just arrived and was bouncing and jumping around having lots of doggy style fun when she bounced into the alarm, pushed it in and pulled it down. Birdie’s attention seeking little episode was caught on video.

Of course, the Grimes firefighters showed up, and when they arrived at the scene, found the fluffy culprit acting as if nothing happened.

Birdie’s owner soon found out what her puppy had done, and “as a punishment” made Birdie wear an apology sign around her neck. Not so sure that mattered to Birdie however; the sweet pup didn’t even look pitiful or show any remorse.

Maybe Birdie did it on purpose? Her owners say they have a small baby at home, and Birdie seems to be vying for more attention. Nah, how would she know?

Check out the video:

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