Life was the pits for this pit bull after he got stuck when he wedged his head through a cinder-block hole

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If curiosity has too often caused cats to find themselves in precarious situations, then what do we call a pit bull terrier who wedged his head through a cinder-block hole and got stuck?

According to the Arizona Humane Society’s Facebook page, the two-year-old pittie, named Buddy, had run away from his home and if that wasn’t bad enough, he got himself trapped. Oh, what a bad day for Buddy; that is until help arrived from the Arizona Humane Society who spent 20 minutes drilling the concrete block away a little at a time to free the dog.

Unfortunately, Buddy had nothing to say or no way to defend himself while stuck, and another dog who had wandered past the concrete wall where the dog was stuck, obviously wasn’t in the mood for company so he bit Buddy in the face. And if that wasn’t enough, the other dog, still not appreciative of Buddy moving away from his area ( albeit he was stuck mind you) bit him several more times on his head.

Buddy’s owner contacted the Maricopa County Animal Care and Control after their dog had been missing, and was able to contact authorities who helped them find their dog. Buddy has been reunited with his family.

Buddy suffered a few minor injuries, but is doing fine and is extremely happy and grateful to be back with his family.

Make sure to watch the video:

For more information how you can help the Arizona Humane Society, please click here.

(Photos via Facebook video from AHS)

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