Woman rescued an animal from the cold, but nobody is sure what the animal is

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A Pennsylvania woman recently rescued what she thought was her neighbor’s dog from the cold. As reported by WPXI News, Christina Eyth noticed a “dog” outside who was scared and cold, and she knew that it needed help. When Eyth got close to the animal, she could see that it actually was not her neighbor’s dog, but realized that the canine still needed help, so she brought it into her basement to keep it warm.

But now, nobody is sure what exactly this animal is, and even wildlife experts are a bit stumped.

Mystery animal

Some people who have viewed photos of the animal have stated that it is a coyote with mange, and they point to the yellow eyes as proof. Others insist that their own dogs have yellow eyes, and it’s just a domesticated dog that happens to have golden eyes. The pooch is going to undergo testing to determine if he is wild or domesticated, and in the meantime he is safe.

In a January 19 Facebook post, Eyth wrote:

Tj’s rescue Hideaway came and picked up the animal I rescued and brought it to wild life works- Mount Pleasant to receive treatment and get tested. Once results are back if it show he is a coyote the wild works will take care of him and hopefully be able to release him. If it comes back as a dog Tj’s rescue Hideaway will be taking him back to care for him until he is back to health. He is eating, warm, but still scared. No matter the results this animal will be helped thanks to all those involved!

What do you think? Coyote? Coydog? Dog? Please feel free to weigh in with your opinion in the comments below.

(Images via screenshot and Facebook)

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