Injured dog left tied to door of Kansas rescue with ‘Found this dog by the road’ note

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At the Great Plains SPCA, a severely injured dog was left tied to the intake door late Tuesday night with a short note saying, “found this dog by the road.” Meet Winston – a brave dog left out in the cold for hours to suffer incredible pain – all by himself. What must he have been thinking?

The dog’s back leg, hanging loose like a noodle was fractured in THREE places & he was in an incredible amount of pain. Our Shelter Medicine jumped into action & quickly determined the best chance at a healthy, pain free life for Winston would mean amputating his severely broken and detached leg. He also has a severe puncture would through the right side of his cheek.

Great Plains SPCA

No one knows what happened to Winston. Was he hit by a car or possibly had been in a fight with another animal? Tragically, Winston can’t tell us, but he is now on his way to recovery and learning to walk on three legs.

Winston needs a foster home to help with his recovery.

The impact of stories like Winston – emotionally, physical and mentally – on our team is not taken lightly. These heart wrenching cases are happening right here, right now, in our community. This isn’t just happening online, it’s happening right here in your neighborhood. Our team feels the heavy emotional burden of having to care for pets like Winston, and we sincerely need your support to make excellent care a reality for the most vulnerable pets showing up on our doorstep.

Great Plains SPCA

To donate to Winston and all the other pets needing help, please click here.

To foster Winston or another pet, please click here.

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