Humane Society calling for 80 beagles in Indiana testing lab not to be euthanized and released

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Hidden camera video from a Humane Society investigation working undercover at Inotiv research labs located in West Lafayette, Indiana between April 2021 and March 2022, claims the biomedical company has been using 80 beagle puppies for animal testing in addition to thousands of other animals including primates, pigs, mice and rats.

The beagles are bred for research, and when they arrive at the testing facilities are given doses of substances that can make them vomit, shake, inhibit their breathing or give them high fevers. Still it has been reported the docile breed still craves human attention and wag their tails at the sight of the scientists.

The company’s dog breeding facility located in Cumberland, Virginia has been cited numerous times for violations of the American Welfare Act. A recent law signed by Governor Glenn Youngkin has been passed to increase protection for laboratory animals.

Close to 90% of drugs tested on animals ultimately fail in human trials, with approximately half of those failures due to unanticipated human toxicity, despite no toxicity having been observed in animals. An example unfolded during the investigation when Aligos Therapeutics ended pursuit of a drug being tested on mice and primates at Inotiv while the HSUS investigator was there.

Humane Society

The Humane Society has been fighting to end scientific testing on dogs and are currently trying to save the beagles from being euthanized after the lab has finished their research. Initially an event to save 32 of the beagles just days before they are slated to be euthanized early next week at the Rockville facility, is planned for Friday. Speakers will be calling for local and state action if the dogs are not released.

Research shows that non-animal testing is effective and serves both humans and animals. Innovative science has provided artificial intelligence as well as organ-chip technologies.

If released by Inotiv, the dogs will be offered for adoption and spend the rest of their lives being in loving homes.

The disturbing findings at this facility cannot be ignored. We are calling for the release of beagles we know are suffering in the lab today and soon to be euthanized, but that is just the start of our work. We must tackle the root cause of this suffering. This seems to be one of the only areas in science where failure to innovate and make change is accepted and, at times, encouraged. It is our hope that sharing the plight of these animals will accelerate FDA and pharmaceutical industry changes to replace outdated animal tests with superior modern technologies.

Kitty Block, CEO and president of the HSUS

To read the entire report, please click here. Reader discretion is encouraged since photos and videos may be disturbing to some viewers.

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