Michigan lab ends chemical pesticide testing on 36 beagles

In a controversial chemical pesticide testing on 36 beagles at a Michigan laboratory, on Monday, it was announced the study has ended. The decision came less than a week after the Humane Society of the … Read More

Beagle used for lab testing found paralyzed in Kentucky county dump

In Floyd County, Kentucky, a young beagle believed to have been used in lab testing, was found partially paralyzed in a county dump on Friday. The dog has been named Dixie Rose.

According to the … Read More

McGuire VA hospital continues buying and killing dogs for research

In Richmond, Virginia, researchers at the McGuire VA Medical Center continue to move ahead with performing fatal experiments on dogs as part of the medical research program ranging from spinal cord injuries to breathing problems … Read More

Facebook group exposing the inhumane practice of pound seizures

A little-known, yet longtime practice referred to as “pound seizures” is getting some exposure and negative backlash thanks to a Facebook group known as “Stop Pound Seizure in Alabama.” Their focus is to shine the … Read More

Japan ends pesticide testing on beagles after study senseless

Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries has abolished requirements for year-long pesticide poisoning tests on beagles which included weed and pest nuisance killers. Their decision is based on a two-year study showing the testing … Read More

Russian scientists tortured dogs testing deadly nerve gas used in UK

Russian scientists at the Chemical Research Institute in Nukus, Uzbekistan, killed and tortured thousands of dogs testing the effects of the nerve agent Novichok used to attack a former Russian spy and his daughter last … Read More

China lab breeds genetically designed dogs with medical maladies for experiments

In Beijng, China, a laboratory is breeding genetically designed dogs with medical disorders for research. According to CNN, the puppies are genetically identical, and it is likely they will become sick and die at … Read More

Breaking!! State passes Beagle Freedom Law

After a great deal of work, another state (make this the sixth!) has passed the Beagle Freedom Law. The great news was announced to followers of the Beagle Freedom Project, the agency which negotiates … Read More

N.J. hospital abandons killing dogs used in medical school training

The Morristown Medical Center announced on Thursday they will abandon the use of killing dogs used in medical school training for emergency residents. The new policy came just days after the medical group, the Physicians Read More