Dog breeding facility to be used for medical research approved

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The Sauk County Board Committee approved a conditional use permit for a Spring Green dog breeding kennel; dozens of dogs will be bred for medical research.

According to NbcNews, the facility has been approved to raise 135 large breed dogs despite the people who opposed the permit during two hours of public discussion. The permit was approved, despite evidence the owners, Jill and Clinton Kane, have 66 dogs at the site without proper paperwork in place to be operational. They were issued violations for not having the proper permits.

Animal advocates in the room referred to the business as no more than a puppy mill, citing the dogs will live short lives and killed at the end of the experiments they will all be subjected to during their lives.

In addition, there are no sewer or septic systems on the property at the present time and many people expressed their concerns over animal waste disposal and groundwater contamination. As a condition of the approval, the owners will have to install a sanitary system to treat and remove all waste.

The Baraboo News Republic reports citizens of the county questioned whether the county and the owners of the facility would carry through on the needed permits.

“There has also been a blatant disregard for the permit process by the Kanes; they have shown they are not concerned with the permit and the approval process,” one resident stated. “if the process of obtaining a permit and licenses cannot be done in the proper fashion, how can we be assured all rules and regulations will be followed in the future?”

Visitors will not be allowed on the site which has already created concerns for the welfare of the dogs. In the report, the dogs will be kept indoors, and there are no outside runs or exercise areas.

The town of Spring Green Board initially recommended approving the permit on June 6, but after heavy public outcry, on July 11, the board rescinded its recommendation to Sauk County. On Tuesday, plans were back on track  for the facility’s approval.

Read prior coverage on this here.

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  1. The one lady on the board seemed disgusted. I can’t believe this! People were concerned about the number of animals to be cared for by only 2 people! There were many conditions added to the CUP. We need a list of the board members and to send them comments and our thoughts. How could they?!

  2. I recommend everyone that is against this to write these folks. I just did. Below is my email to the board.

    I cannot believe what happened the other day on your special meeting. After hours of discussion and much opposition to a dog breeding facility for medical research–you approved it!  Yes, you did attach conditions, but the people to run it, had already broken laws and started the operation without a permit!  Do you really believe these people?  Residents were outraged–and I cannot blame them–yet, you still approved this large operation that only the Kanes will take care of!  People were concerned about their properties and water issues.  One gentleman on the board expressed his concerns as to the trustworthiness of these folks for already going ahead with their operation, yet the board still approved.  I noticed in the video, Ms. Berlin seemed disgusted.  Yet, you all approved this unanimously.  How could you?!  I understand business is business, but these operators seem a bit unscrupulous and shady.  This operation has major impacts to others’ ways of life.  And, what about the dogs?  This is heartless.  

    I don’t know how you can live with yourselves making this decision.  It seems as if the wool was pulled over your eyes.  

    I hope you hold them in account of their conditions–but I don’t feel strongly about that.

    I am so sorry this was approved.


    Lisa Zito

  3. F*** them douches and everyone who agrees with this!!!!! Why breed and raise dogs just to kill them later!? YOUR SCIENTIST…do your research and experiments on each other!!!!! Try it yourselves, be all in, leave dogs out of this!


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