Heartbroken dog curled up in corner of cemetery grieving for someone he loved

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At Rose Hill Memorial Park and Mortuaries in Whittier, California, a small dog cowered in the corner and for two days returned to that same spot. Security patrols had noticed the dog two days ago, but since that time he had disappeared; that is until he returned again. This time he was spotted asleep at the mausoleum.

On Saturday morning, popular rescuer Suzette Hall, founder of the rescue, Logan’s Legacy 29 started in memory of her son, had already been trying to help and rescue the dog. She had been worried about the dog’s safety as it has been known as an area where coyotes and other predators prowl for food. What chances would a little dog like this have against these seasoned hunters?

…There are so many coyotes and other wildlife there. He is a survivor. This cemetery is huge. This morning he was asleep at the mausoleum. Security called me and I rushed to save this poor baby. I had been so worried and was so thankful he had survived.

Well, this morning he was finally safe. So scared literally there were tears in his eyes.

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The poor pup had been on his own far too long. It was as if his sad eyes reflected the loss of someone dear. You have been rescued little guy; life will be better. We promise.

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