Escaped baby bear severely burned in Tamarack wildfire spotted playing with toy bear in creek

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A bear cub, who touched the hearts of residents in Tahoe last year after having suffered severe burns in the Tamarack wildfire and then escaped into the wild with his bandaged legs has been seen again.

Tamarack, the cub who had been named by his rescuers at Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, seemed healthy and was having a fun afternoon playing with a toy bear garden ornament in the creek.

Tahoe Togee, an Instagram account who follows black bear sightings in the South Lake Tahoe area, spotted the now fully grown Tamarack.

No idea where that bear bath toy came from, maybe poached it from a nearby apartment complex.

Taho Togee on Instagram

Tamarack still bears the scars on his toes from the fire when he was only six months old during the fire in Markleville on June 202. He had been found lying in the yard after the fire of a home after the owners had returned to their property. The Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care treated his burns and nursed him back to health. A few days later, however the cub escaped still wearing his bandages.

No one knew what happened to Tamarack – that is until a few days ago when he was spotted – all healed up and apparently living his life as a wild bear – just as Mother Nature intended.

Check out the video:

(Photos via Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care, screenshot via Tahoe Togee)

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