Dogs had been out in a field for three years producing litter after litter but today they have been rescued

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In the rural ranch communities near Madera and Atherton, California the mother and father strays had been out on their own for three years. They have produced litter after litter; the futures of what happened to the puppies as they grew up on their own remains unknown.

This time, however Bowe’s Animal Rescue came to help. Volunteers rescue animals dumped in fields and orchards, at risk animals at the shelter, and animals in abusive/neglectful situations. They had been notified about a puppy venturing out to the road when someone spotted it and picked it up thinking it had been alone. This was how the rescuers found out about the family.

We talked to workers who said they were in the canal earlier and after some searching we found them. After talking to the rancher we found out the parents had been there for 3 years. We were so happy to get this little family to safety and no more litters for mom!

Everyone is smelly. Fur shows that they have lacked in nutrition and have some battle wounds.

Bowe’s Animal Rescue

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Patient pup lets his pal nibble on his ear.
Check out how this big boy sleeps.

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  1. I suspect that all the “missing puppies” were killed by predators…….. It’s a very sad situation……… I am very glad that the parents have been rescued so that this awful situation will not happen again in the future…….


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