Dog walker begs Great Pyrenees to drop the sharp knife he found in pile of sticks

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In Sylvania, Ohio, Theo the Great Pyrenees (as he is known) had been out for a fun stroll with his dog walker Matt Paprocki when the dog shoved his face into a pile of sticks. Of course, Matt thought Theo was about to pick up his head with a new favorite stick, but YIKES – Matt was mistaken.

Theo had picked up a knife, and when Matt caught the glint of metal out of the side of his eye, he commanded Theo to drop it. Of course, that didn’t happen, and Matt, as you can see from the Twitter video, Theo gracefully declined – er – rather the dog just chose to ignore the command.

As it turns out Great Pyrenees are known to be independent thinkers and have strong wills. According to Storyful, Paprocki tried to trade something for the knife since the breed is well known for holding on to their findings. He tried treats, another stick and still Theo refused to give up his prize.

Frustrated and worried that Theo could hurt himself with the sharp knife, by a stroke of good luck, the dog’s owner had been working nearby. Matt sent her the video and she rushed to the spot where Theo continued to hold the knife hostage in her mouth.

Fortunately, it was finally a piece of salmon that Theo traded. That’s quite a one-year-old pup, and his future will surely be full of adventures. We are all glad that Matt and the dog’s owner can laugh about it now.

(Photo via Twitter @matt_paprocki


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