Dog curled up in bag tossed off of bridge by moving vehicle

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In a report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, a caller reported seeing someone in a moving vehicle toss a plastic tote over a Central Florida bridge. The concerned citizen, who reported the disturbing incident to a deputy in the area, had been out walking her dog.

The Good Samaritan had been looking from the top of the bridge when she spotted a dog curled up inside of the container.

We will never understand why people do these cruel things to animals, but we feel fortunate that so many residents see something and say something. Yesterday, our enforcement section received a call from law enforcement that someone had tossed a plastic tote over a bridge from a moving vehicle. The concerned resident had stated they thought there was a dog inside, as they could see it curled up inside from the top of the bridge.

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Deputies responded and were able to locate the young dog inside of a small blue plastic tote. The officers risked their own safety as they climbed down a steep embankment and were then able to rescue the sweet dog.

The deputy named the dog Daisy, and fortunately the two-year-old tan and white pooch was not injured.

But we don’t know why this happened. The location where Daisy was dumped is a short drive from the shelter. There are literally hundreds of private rescues that would be willing to take in a sweet and gentle dog for foster or adoption. And yet someone chose instead to commit this act of cruelty.

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And the best news…. Daisy has since been adopted.

If you see something, say something. There is no reason for animals to be treated like this. Daisy was lucky someone saw her, and contacted us immediately. If you have information about possible cruel or neglectful treatment of animals, please contact us, your local law enforcement agency, or our friends at Central Florida Crimeline.


Live a long and happy life Daisy.

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