Crated dog abandoned alongside roadway with no food or water

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The authorities in Laurens County, South Carolina, are hoping to find whoever abandoned a crated dog alongside a road. The dog, dubbed Hope, was found in a black crate on Downs Street in Laurens on May 3. According to the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, it was in the 80s on the day that the dog was found, and she did not have any food or water with her.

The sheriff’s office reached out to the public in an effort to find out who the dog belongs to:

Do you know who this dog belonged to? It was dumped and left in this crate on Downs Street in Laurens today. If you know who is responsible for this, you can call Laurens County Dispatch (864-984-2523) or our office (864-984-4967) and ask to speak with Sergeant Brown.

Sergeant Geoff Brown tells Count On 2 News:

“To abandon it in that manner, there’s no excuse, absolutely no excuse.” Adding that the dog was, “very scared and underweight.”

The dog will be made available for adoption after she reaches a healthy weight. Anyone who recognizes her is asked to call the sheriff’s office at 864-984-2523.

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