Blind dog who spent 8 years tied in chains finally finds his forever home

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Stevie came from South Carolina to New York in February 2021 and had been confiscated from a person’s backyard where he had been chained up his entire life. When he arrived at the Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue, he was blind and heartworm positive, but that wasn’t all. Not long after he arrived, Stevie became extremely ill and needed life saving surgery; a corn cob had become lodged in his intestine.

Miraculously, Stevie recovered from surgery, and it was hoped his eyesight could be restored, however that was not to happen either. Because of neglect, Stevie needed both eyes removed because of glaucoma, and six months after his arrival, the sweet dog underwent more surgery.

Stevie was then made available for adoption.

Stevie is blind, but is very smart and can find his way around. He uses his smell and ears to help navigate way! But being on a chain, Stevie was never able to protect himself off from being bullied by other doggies. Stevie would love to be the only doggy ideally because he has never had to share space with another dog and clearly has had some bad experiences being on a chain. 

Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue

Stevie@ Stevie_wondie has his own Instagram account and his foster mom, Erin Boyd fell in love with him at first sight. And when the Mirror interviewed the New Yorker, Erin said she wanted to make it permanent for Stevie and adopted him. After all, it was Erin who helped him learn how to navigate being blind and helped him recover through his surgeries and his heartworm treatment.

He is still as perfect as ever and gets around his house very well. Once in awhile he will bump into something, but I help guide him if it’s needed.”


Perhaps there is a moral to this story that a dog doesn’t have to be perfect to find love or be loved. Look at Stevie – from a lousy life where no one cared about him to a rescue who opened their hearts to help him, and to a very special lady who fell in love with Stevie and is giving him the “happily ever after” he so deserves.

Check out Diamonds in the Ruff Animal Rescue located in Lockport, New York. There are lots of dogs waiting for their “happily ever after” too. Volunteer, donate or share their stories. Sharing saves lives.

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